4 ways apple cider vinegar can completely change your hair

4 ways apple cider vinegar can completely change your hair

While apple cider vinegar is mostly used as an addition to food, it is also extremely popular in the natural health community. As a matter of fact, ACV has the ability to do many things that you never expected, such as being used as hair care product.   Applying ACV onto your hair provides numerous hair health benefits! Among them are:

1. Balancing pH Levels

ACV is very effective at balancing the pH level of our hair. The scalp and hair produce sebum, an oil-like substance which allows the hair`s environment to have a pH level of between 4.5 and 5.5.  Such level contains sufficient acidity to protect the scalp from bacterial and fungal growth, which in turn keeps the both the scalp and hair healthy.

Many shampoos, conditioners,  and masks deprive the hair of the natural oil sebum, which minimizes the protective abilities of the scalp. Lack of sebum creates a basic environment in the hair which stimulates the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Apple cider vinegar has a low pH level, which means that it has the ability to replace the role of sebum. Regular use of apple cider vinegar as hair rinse helps replenish the levels of acidity of the scalp after using store-bought hair care products.

2. Anti-fungal and Antimicrobial Properties

It has been scientifically shown that apple cider vinegar possesses anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties, probably due to its acidity level. Apart from keeping the scalp and hair healthy, ACV also kills off bacteria which cause certain types of skin infections.  Therefore, we can conclude that apple cider vinegar is quite effective at treating scalp-related infections and diseases.

3. Improving Hair Growth

It is a well-known fact that apple cider vinegar helps improve circulation and regulate blood pressure. This is of great benefit for hair health and growth since proper circulation and blood flow to the scalp supply the hair with the needed nutrients. According to many studies, poor circulation is directly linked to hair loss and baldness.

According to a study done in Japan, the blood flow in the scalps in men with male pattern baldness was 2.6 times lower than the one of the control group who wasn’t diagnosed with this condition.  Many studies done by hair-care companies have also shown that poor circulation leads to hair loss.

4. Improving Curls

As reported by The Curl Manual, a website specialized in natural care products for curly hair, apple cider vinegar brings a natural bounce to curly hair, due to its cleansing properties which clean the scalp and prevent “tightly coiled hair” from building up.  In addition, it has been said that ACV improves the springiness of hair, too.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

To reap the hair health benefits outlined above, you need to apply it in a manner that allows it to reach each part of the hair and the scalp.  For optimal results, mix a tablespoon of ACV with a cup of water in a spray bottle and apply about half a cup of the solution per use.  Use this solution once a week and rinse well afterward.

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