Cabbage Juice – Remedy for 100 Diseases and Protects Against Colon Cancer

Cabbage Juice – Remedy for 100 Diseases and Protects Against Colon Cancer

There is a strong link between healthy food and natural remedies. Contrary to popular belief, the cure is not always expensive or out of reach. As a matter of fact, very often the remedy is cheap, simple, and highly accessible.

However, the cure is presented as unapproachable and the sole reason for this is the huge profit that pharmacological industry makes.  This article focuses on the importance of healthy and nutritious food and its ability to restore any condition.  It focuses on cabbage/ cabbage juice, which is abundant in vitamin C and has been used by our ancestors for the treatment of numerous diseases.

Cabbage has a robust nutritional profile! It is high in folate, dietary fiber, antioxidants, vitamins B6 and K, and minerals.  It acts as an antiseptic agent as well, due to sulforaphane and glucosinolates, compounds which promote detoxification of the system and stimulate the enzymes of the digestive system.

It has been found that sulforaphane has anti-cancer properties and according to many studies cruciferous vegetables, including cabbage, are one of the best foods when it comes to fighting colon cancer.

Cabbage has been shown to treat hangovers, arthritis, inflammation, anemia, stomach ulcer, chronic cough as well as liver, breast, ovary, and lung cancer.

Additionally, cabbage boosts the metabolism, prevents the conversion of sugar into fat, relieves constipation, and stimulates healthy weight loss.

Cabbage Juice Recipe

You will need:

  • One middle-sized cabbage
  • A little bit of ACV
  • Warm water
  • Knife
  • A juicer


Soak the cabbage in a solution made of warm water and a little bit of apple cider vinegar.  Then, remove the stem with a knife and cut the cabbage into two halves.

Put one-half of the cabbage in juicer and process on high speed.  Set the other half aside, so that you can use it later.


Although there is no limit on the amount of cabbage juice that should be consumed daily, the best would be to drink the juice from one cabbage a day.   You can divide the cabbage into the halves, and drink the first half in the morning and the second in the evening.

Note:  Excessive consumption of cabbage juice may cause bloating and intestinal gas.

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