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This is how 1 glass of turmeric juice can be as effective for your heart as 1 hour of exercise

This is how 1 glass of turmeric juice can be as effective for your heart as 1 hour of exercise

Turmeric originated in Southern India and reached American cuisine through Chinese culture. Ever since, turmeric has become all-purpose remedy due to its potent anti-aging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties.

If you are not fan of turmeric and don’t have it in your kitchen yet, this article will definitely convince you to get some of it as soon as possible.

Turmeric Improves Heart Health as Much as Physical Exercise

According to a study published in the American Journal of Cardiology, turmeric extract lowers the risk of heart attack by 56 percent.  This finding confirms earlier research printed in the Nutrition Research journal in 2012 which stated that eating turmeric or taking turmeric supplements improves cardiovascular health as much as aerobic exercise does.

How Does this Work?

Turmeric` s active ingredient called curcumin is a potent polyphenol which empowers vascular function.  This property is especially helpful for menopausal women who are prone to heart problems due to the natural aging process.

Eating Turmeric for the Heart

Eating this tasty spice is much easier than spending an hour on the treadmill, isn’t  it?  This should be taken into consideration as you begin this health tactic:

  • According to the study, you should take 150 mg of turmeric extract daily for eight weeks to improve heart function
  • Turmeric powder typically contains 2 percent curcumin content
  • To reap these benefits, take a teaspoon of turmeric on a daily basis or get turmeric extract capsules
  • For additional health benefits, add turmeric to your food, teas, cooking, and consume turmeric juice. This spice is highly versatile and it can be added to literally anything
  • Do a little research and look for turmeric-based recipes, such as turmeric butter, ginger turmeric carrot juice, turmeric mango pastry, turmeric tea, etc
Also Exercise!

Even though curcumin significantly improves cardiovascular health,  physical activity shouldn’t be neglected entirely.  All researchers involved in this study agreed that exercise cannot be replaced by anything, including turmeric.

Go back to cardio and don’t give up! Just imagine the effects of physical activity combined with turmeric!  As recommended by the USA Department of Health and Human Services,  the best would be to exercise 2.5 hours a week on moderate-intensity( gardening, brisk walking, dancing, biking on low ground, water aerobics) or an hour and 15 minutes of vigorous intensity ( jogging, running, jumping rope, aerobic dance, biking faster than 10 miles an hour). They also recommend muscle-strengthening activities once or twice a week.

It is the Healthiest Diet. It Kills Cancer, Treats Depression, Migraines, and Autism

It is the Healthiest Diet. It Kills Cancer, Treats Depression, Migraines, and Autism

Growing evidence shows that nutritional ketosis helps treat many health problems, starting with obesity.  A ketogenic  diet causes metabolic changes in the body, causing the body to shift from burning carbohydrates to burning fats.  This diet requires 50-70 percent of the food intake to come from beneficial fats, such as organic pastured eggs, avocado, raw nuts, grass-pastured butter, and coconut oil.  The carb intake is limited, leading to burning of fat for energy.  In other words, there is little sugar blocking the body from using fat in favor of burning sugar.

As mentioned above, the nutritional intake should be around 70 percent fats, 25 percent protein, and 5 percent carbohydrate.  Therefore, the carbohydrates intake should be limited, mostly coming from nuts, dairy, and veggies. Avoid refined carbohydrates like starch ( potatoes, legumes), wheat( cereals, bread) or fruit.

“The end goal of a properly maintained keto diet is to force your body into this metabolic state. We don’t do this through starvation of calories, but through starvation of carbohydrates. Our bodies are extremely adaptive to what you put into it – when you overload it with fats and take away carbohydrates, it will begin to burn ketones as the main energy source,” according to

Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet 

Leads to Weight Loss

Eliminating carbs from your diet is one of the simplest ways to lose weight.  When on a ketogenic diet, the carbohydrate intake is very low, protein is moderate, and fat intake is increased, so that the body relies on fat as a primary fuel and produces ketones from stored body fat.

Fights Cancer

Cancer cells feed on sugar, meaning that sugar supports cancer growth.  Therefore, any diet that eliminates sugar and other carbs can be effective in preventing and combating cancer.  Normal cells in the bodies use fat for energy while cancer cells are not able to use fat as primary fuel.

According to a review published in Redox Biology, this diet helps treat colon, prostate, and gastric cancer. As hypothesized by Dr. Eugene Fine of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, ketone bodies inhibit cancer by altering the availability of energy processes in cancer cells.  As summarized in the preliminary paper from Dr. Fine`s team, “Preliminary data demonstrate that an insulin-inhibiting diet is safe and feasible in selected patients with advanced cancer. The extent of ketosis, but not calorie deficit or weight loss, correlated with stable disease or partial remission.”

Protects your brain

Low carb intake combined with high fat intake has been associated with helping with other neurological disorders. According to a research published in Behavioral Pharmacology, ketogenic diets are effective in reducing symptoms of Parkinson`s disease and Alzheimer`s disease.  In a certain study, patients diagnosed with Parkinson`s disease who followed a 4-to-1 ketogenic diet underwent a 43% improvement in their symptoms within a month.

Many studies also suggest that autistic people can benefit from following a ketogenic diet. According to one article, “Autism shares some features with epilepsy, and many people with autism experience seizures related to the over-excitement of brain cells.” It has been scientifically found that many autistic children showed improvement after following this diet over the course of six months.

Additional Health Benefits of Keto Diet

  • Decreases LDl cholesterol
  • Boosts energy
  • Treats acne
  • Leaves you satiated for longer
  • Improves triglyceride levels and cholesterol levels
4 ways apple cider vinegar can completely change your hair

4 ways apple cider vinegar can completely change your hair

While apple cider vinegar is mostly used as an addition to food, it is also extremely popular in the natural health community. As a matter of fact, ACV has the ability to do many things that you never expected, such as being used as hair care product.   Applying ACV onto your hair provides numerous hair health benefits! Among them are:

1. Balancing pH Levels

ACV is very effective at balancing the pH level of our hair. The scalp and hair produce sebum, an oil-like substance which allows the hair`s environment to have a pH level of between 4.5 and 5.5.  Such level contains sufficient acidity to protect the scalp from bacterial and fungal growth, which in turn keeps the both the scalp and hair healthy.

Many shampoos, conditioners,  and masks deprive the hair of the natural oil sebum, which minimizes the protective abilities of the scalp. Lack of sebum creates a basic environment in the hair which stimulates the growth of bacteria and fungus.

Apple cider vinegar has a low pH level, which means that it has the ability to replace the role of sebum. Regular use of apple cider vinegar as hair rinse helps replenish the levels of acidity of the scalp after using store-bought hair care products.

2. Anti-fungal and Antimicrobial Properties

It has been scientifically shown that apple cider vinegar possesses anti-fungal and antimicrobial properties, probably due to its acidity level. Apart from keeping the scalp and hair healthy, ACV also kills off bacteria which cause certain types of skin infections.  Therefore, we can conclude that apple cider vinegar is quite effective at treating scalp-related infections and diseases.

3. Improving Hair Growth

It is a well-known fact that apple cider vinegar helps improve circulation and regulate blood pressure. This is of great benefit for hair health and growth since proper circulation and blood flow to the scalp supply the hair with the needed nutrients. According to many studies, poor circulation is directly linked to hair loss and baldness.

According to a study done in Japan, the blood flow in the scalps in men with male pattern baldness was 2.6 times lower than the one of the control group who wasn’t diagnosed with this condition.  Many studies done by hair-care companies have also shown that poor circulation leads to hair loss.

4. Improving Curls

As reported by The Curl Manual, a website specialized in natural care products for curly hair, apple cider vinegar brings a natural bounce to curly hair, due to its cleansing properties which clean the scalp and prevent “tightly coiled hair” from building up.  In addition, it has been said that ACV improves the springiness of hair, too.

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar

To reap the hair health benefits outlined above, you need to apply it in a manner that allows it to reach each part of the hair and the scalp.  For optimal results, mix a tablespoon of ACV with a cup of water in a spray bottle and apply about half a cup of the solution per use.  Use this solution once a week and rinse well afterward.

A Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children and Adults. Remove heavy metals and other vaccine toxins

A Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children and Adults. Remove heavy metals and other vaccine toxins

Regardless of your opinion on vaccines, you should know that ingredients in vaccines are toxic and dangerous to the human body.  Among them are:

  • lactose thimerosal
  • monosodium glutamate
  • aluminum hydroxphosphate sulfate
  • aluminum phosphate
  • aluminum potassium sulfate
  • aluminum hydroxide
  • aluminum lake dye
  • sucrose, fructose and dextrose
  • ammonium sulfate
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • benzethonium chloride
  • formaldehyde,FD&C Yellow #6

A Gentle Vaccine Detox For Children and Adults

This article presents a few tips on how to detoxify the body from heavy metals and vaccines toxins and restore your health.

1. Detox Bath

Taking a detox bath boosts immunity and flushes out toxins that have accumulated in the body.  Add 6 drops of Zendicrine to your child`s bath along with a couple of pinches of Epsom salt.  This blend is a combination of Juniper Berry, Cilantro, and Rosemary, all of which possess potent detoxifying properties and promote healthy liver function.  Additionally, it contains Geranium and Tangerine, both of which purify unhealthy substances.

2. Garlic

Eating a crushed clove of garlic releases allicin in the small intestine.  This compound is responsible for most of the garlic`s healing properties and is the one which eliminates pathogens while leaving the beneficial bacteria unaffected.  Allicin also attaches to heavy metals and stimulates the detoxification process.  For optimal results, give your child 3 or more cloves daily.

3. Silica

Consuming silica helps the aluminum and other heavy metals in the body to be eliminated through the urine much easier, meaning that silicic acid works as an antidote for aluminum poisoning.

Horsetail is one of the cheapest herbal sources of silica. In addition, there are certain foods which are also high in silica, including wheat, oats, barley, rye, alfalfa sprouts, nuts, and other seeds.

4. Chlorella

It has been scientifically shown that chlorella promotes healthy detoxification of heavy metals due to its ability to bind to heavy metals which are carried out of the body.  Chlorella can be either added to smoothies or taken in capsule form.

5. Probiotics

Given the fact that heavy metals and other toxic chemicals disrupt the bacterial balance in the gut, taking supplements and eating probiotic-rich foods like kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, and organic yogurt helps detoxify the system and protect against the detrimental effects of vaccines.

6. Omega 3 Cod Liver Oil

Omega 3 fats inhibit excitotoxins and repair cellular damage at the same time.  It is recommended to give your child a teaspoon of refrigerated Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil daily.

7. Cilantro

Just like chlorella, cilantro also binds to heavy metals and thus flushes them out from the system very easy.  Cilantro is one of the best and most gentle detoxifiers of heavy metals, especially when it comes to mercury.  It is believed that cilantro crosses the blood-brain barrier and eliminates heavy metals from the brain.

This can be eaten raw, added to smoothies, or used for juicing.  Aim at getting at least a teaspoon of it daily for 2-3 weeks or adding 6-7 drops of cilantro essential oil to your bath.

How to Strengthen Your Weak Legs and Make Them Super Strong

How to Strengthen Your Weak Legs and Make Them Super Strong

Many people complain about weak legs, which are associated with less strength.  This problem may arise from different causes, including poor blood circulation, recovery after surgery, arthritis, dehydration, nerve damage, anemia, back pain, nutritional deficiencies, side effects of prescribed medications, etc.

Its severity varies from mild to severe and it can either affect one or both legs.  It is often accompanied with other symptoms, such as prickling or burning sensations, swelling, redness, loss of muscle coordination, body aches, back pain, muscles spasms, impaired balance, and pain or numbness in the lower part of the body.

To strengthen your muscles, you should eat a well-balanced diet, drink adequate fluids, get proper rest, and exercise on a regular basis.  In addition to this, there are certain home treatments which work to strengthen weak legs and prevent further deterioration of the muscle tissue.


1. Massage

Proper circulation is of utmost importance as it allows more nutrients to reach the muscles and thus strengthen them. One of the simplest ways to improve circulation is a regular massage, which also relaxes the entire body, reduces inflammation, pain, and swelling, and it also relieves stress.

Massage the legs for about 15 minutes with gentle strokes and using warm mustard, coconut, or olive oil.  Repeat the procedure two times daily.

2. Walking

Since walking firms the leg muscles and improves circulation, it works as an amazing exercise for strengthening the legs.  People with weak leg muscles will benefit a lot from walking for half an hour, 5 days a week.  Apart from regular walking, it is recommended to take part in other activities, such as jogging, trekking, running, or swimming.

3. Leg Strengthening Exercises

There are various exercises which engage the major leg muscles and thus strengthen them.  Some of them include quad press, hamstring strengthening, straight leg raise, lunges, hip abduction side lying, resistance band hamstring curls, resistance bend knee extension, Swiss ball squats,  and heel slide.

Do these exercises a few times daily as long as you don’t feel pain.  Apart from these exercises, Yoga and Tai Chi can be beneficial as well.

4. Enjoy Sunshine

According to a 2002 study published by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition, vitamin D deficiency is directly linked to muscle weakness.  Vitamin D is responsible for the regulation of minerals needed for healthy bones: calcium and phosphorus.   Since the human body doesn’t produce this vitamin on its own, you should expose your legs to morning sunlight more often and eat more vitamin D- rich foods, such as cereal, orange juice, mackerel, fortified milk, salmon, sardines, etc.

5. Drink More Fluids

Dehydration is one of the major causes of muscle cramps and weak legs.  To prevent dehydration, drink enough water during the day and consume water-based fruits and vegetables. In addition, avoid caffeinated drinks and alcohol.  Consult your doctor about raising your fluid intake in case you are suffering from any kidney problem.

6. Blackstrap Molasses

Being rich in iron, potassium, calcium, and B vitamins, blackstrap molasses is highly beneficial when it comes to preventing leg weakness and keeping legs strong.   Iron treats anemia, potassium keeps electrolyte levels in check, calcium supplies the muscles with the needed energy, and B vitamins keep muscles strong and healthy.

Mix a cup of hot milk/ water with a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses and consume the mixture once or twice daily. You can also mix a cup of water, two tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and two tablespoons of blackstrap molasses, to create a solution which is equally effective.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is an excellent source of vitamin B, magnesium, potassium, and calcium, all of which are beneficial when it comes to strengthening weak muscles.  Its acetic acid content increases the bioavailability of essential minerals you are ingesting through the food you eat.

Mix a glass of water with 1-2 tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar, a little bit of raw honey, and some lemon juice. Drink this solution two times daily.

8. Milk

Milk is rich in calcium, protein, and other nutrients which are vital for building muscles, which makes it a good tool for strengthening weak muscles.  Moreover, its electrolyte content keeps you well-hydrated.

It is recommended to drink at least two glasses of low-fat milk daily. For additional strength, boil a glass of low-fat milk with figs, dates, and almonds.

9. Horsetail

Horsetail is high in silica, which improves muscle strength, increases bone density, and helps muscles to contract.  It also increases the absorption and use of calcium in the body, which in turn strengthens both muscles and bones.

To prepare horsetail tea, steep a teaspoon of fresh horsetail in a cup of boiling water.  Strain it and add some honey. This tea should be consumed two or three times daily.  Another solution is to take it in the form of supplement, but make sure you consult your doctor first.

10. Have a Healthy Diet

Having a poor diet negatively affects the body at several levels, among which is weakening the muscles. Nutritional deficiencies disrupt proper circulation and lead to fatigue, weakness, and muscle cramps.

  • Since muscle weakness can be caused by potassium deficiency, boost your potassium intake by eating bananas, sweet potatoes, plums, prune juice, tomato juice, and raisins.
  • To prevent leg weakness, eat more protein as the one found in soy foods, eggs, nuts, and yogurt.
  • To prevent leg numbness and build strong muscles, consume more vitamin B-rich food, such as eggs, bananas, lentils, beans, wheat germs, cheese, yogurt, fish, and fortified cereals.
  • To improve your muscle health, eat magnesium- rich foods like pumpkin seeds, almonds, spinach, sunflower seeds, and lima beans.

Additional Tips:

  • Quit smoking
  • Avoid sitting or standing for an extended period of time
  • Limit the consumption of salt to prevent water retention
  • Avoid foods high in saturated fats
  • Keep the legs raised for some time to improve blood circulation
  • Take daily supplements of coenzyme Q10 and lysine to lower muscle weakness
  • Try acupressure and acupuncture
5 Unusual Signs of Colon Cancer Folks Accidentally Ignore For Years

5 Unusual Signs of Colon Cancer Folks Accidentally Ignore For Years

The prevalence of colorectal cancer is constantly on the rise and has now become the third most prevalent cancer in the United States.  Nearly 140,000 are diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer in 2016 alone.  Unfortunately,   the symptoms of colorectal cancer are extremely subtle, which is the reason why most patients get diagnosed once it becomes too late.


1. Cramps

Given that abdominal cramps may be a sign of various conditions, they are one of the most commonly overlooked symptoms of colorectal cancer.

You shouldn’t panic if you are experiencing a stomachache, but if the stomach cramps are intense and long-lasting, it is very likely that you may be suffering from something more serious, such as colorectal cancer.

2. Fatigue

These days, many people feel fatigue without any reason, as lack of sleep is very common in modern society.

But, constant fatigue, even when eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep, shouldn’t be ignored.  Colon cancer causes fatigue for two reasons:  it utilizes the body`s energy and it may cause blood loss.

3. Sudden Weight Loss

Many cancers may cause sudden and unexplained weight loss, including colon cancer. Unexplained weight loss refers to an unintentional loss of 5 percent of the body weight within 6 months.

For instance, a person who weighs 150 pounds, losing 7 and ½ pounds within 6 months is considered as unexplained weight loss.

The reason for this sudden weight loss is the fact that cancerous cells use utilize a lot of body`s energy and the immune system is forced to work really hard to prevent the disease from spreading.  Consequently, the person experiences a weight loss due to this energy expenditure.

When it comes to colon cancer, a large tumor may also block the colon, affecting the bowel movements and causing sudden and dramatic weight loss.

4. Irregular Bowel Movements

People often neglect their bowel movements, despite the fact that their timing, appearance, and consistency tells a lot about one`s health, such as the presence of colorectal cancer.

Colon polyps are small bunches of cells which affect bowel movements when become cancerous.  They typically affect the large intestine function and these changes are manifested by changes in the stool.

If not being caused by other conditions, diarrhea, constipation, watery stool, and loose stool can all indicate colorectal cancer.

5. Bloody Stool

Even though seeing blood in the stool should be taken seriously, most people feel too uncomfortable to share this with their family members their doctor.

If you notice red blood on the toilet paper after wiping or reddish water in the toilet, get checked right away.


The good news is that making certain lifestyle changes helps lower the risk of developing colorectal cancer. Among them are:

1. Eat fruits, veggies, and whole grains

It has been scientifically shown that eating fruits, veggies and whole grains lowers the risk of colon cancer while red and processed meat provide the opposite effect.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercising on a regular basis helps lower the risk of developing cancer while being physically inactive increases this risk.

3. Don’t Smoke

Smoking is directly linked to an increased risk of many cancer types, including colon cancer.

4. Limit Alcohol

According to the American Cancer Society, excessive alcohol intake increases the risk of developing cancer. They recommend limited alcohol intake to two drinks daily.

5. Don’t be Overweight

Being overweight weakens the body and makes it prone to many diseases, including colon cancer.  Apart from this, it also increases the risk of dying from the disease, due to the fact that being overweight makes the body less able to fight back.

Frankincense Water Helps Heal The Gut, Immunity, Brain, Joints And More

Frankincense Water Helps Heal The Gut, Immunity, Brain, Joints And More

People have started putting various fruits and veggies in their water, including lemons, limes, cucumbers, raspberries, etc. But, did you know that you can also make frankincense water, which is extremely beneficial and proven to treat various conditions?

Frankincense in obtained from trees of the genus Boswellia when their bark is cut.  The leaking resin hardens and is scrapped off the trunk.  Frankincense can be found in dried form or in the form of an essential oil.  It has been widely used in traditional Chinese medicine for a very long time now.

Frankincense has been studied as potential treatment for some cancers, anxiety, asthma,  ulcerative colitis, and Crohn`s disease. “If these ancient remedies can indeed provide relief for the many patients who suffer from these potentially devastating illnesses, the great incense roads of antiquity may flourish once again.”

In western Oman, frankincense is used for everything from toothpaste and deodorant to drink flavoring and food. Its healing properties cannot be neglected and keeping it handy is a must!  Starting with frankincense resin water is an easy way to incorporate this herb in your daily diet, but first you need to learn the difference between Frankincense resin, frankincense essential oil, and fragrance oil.

Frankincense resin is the sap obtained from the Boswellia sacra tree after it is cut and then dried.  The essential oil is made by distilling the raw resin, and the fragrance oils are created with synthetic chemicals in a highly artificial manner.  “Although they smell good and are typically less expensive, fragrance oils do not give you the therapeutic benefits of organic essential oils.”

Benefits of Frankincense Resin Water

  • Anti-carcinogenic (prevents cancer, may help heal cancer)
  • Eases Fever and Headaches
  • Prevents digestive problems
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Works as a Natural Diuretic
  • Strengthens, tones, and lifts the skin, muscles, and internal organs
  • Promotes skin and tissue regeneration
  • Improves joint health
  • Help get rid of toxins
  • Helps with stress relief and inflammation
  • Penetrates the blood-brain barrier
  • Helps with bronchitis
  • Help relieve sore throats

How To Make Frankincense Resin Water:


  • 1 bag of Frankincense Resin
  • 1 quart glass jar
  • 1 quart of purified water


Put the bag of frankincense resin at the bottom of the glass quart jar. Bring the water to boil and then pour it over the resin in the glass jar. Cover the top and let it sit overnight.

The following day, sip the water during the day! Don’t drink it all at once, but a few ounces per day.  To boost your immune system and protect yourself from various health issues, space it out a little.

Frankincense Essential Oil:

The essential oil provides many health benefits, too.   You can diffuse it in the room, ingest in small amounts, inhale the smell, or apply it topically.

“The astringent property of frankincense oil can help strengthen gums, stop the bleeding from wounds and cuts, help with skin health, reverse signs of aging, and reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Frankincense oil can break up phlegm deposits in your respiratory tract and lungs, and can relieve bronchitis-related congestion. It can suppress the production of key inflammatory cells, helping to prevent the breakdown of cartilage tissue in patients with arthritis.”

Additional Health Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

  • Prevents dental health issues like tooth decay, bad breath, cavities, or oral infection
  • Reduces acne blemishes, the appearance of large pores and prevents wrinkles
  • Relieves gastrointestinal discomfort, cramps, PMS, IBS, stomach aches, gas, constipation
  • Removes scars, wounds, and stretch marks
Press These Two Points And Back Pain Will Disappear Instantly – Here’s How (Photo)

Press These Two Points And Back Pain Will Disappear Instantly – Here’s How (Photo)

The prevalence of back pain is constantly on the rise and there are millions of people affected by it at the present moment.  Back pain can be extremely painful and even debilitating, which makes it hard to relieve and cure.

Although conventional medicine does provide treatments for most health issues, currently there isn’t any cure for joint or back pain.

On the other hand, traditional medicine offers certain treatments which are time-tested and simple to perform.  For instance, acupuncture, an ancient Chinese treatment, effectively treats various chronic problems.

Acupuncture is the study of energy meridians that run through the body and have an impact on its overall function.  Improper flow of energy through these meridians is often the major cause of certain diseases, which means that establishing proper flow of energy restores the damaged organs and treats the disease.  For those who are not familiar with this treatment,   note that this can be obtained by applying pressure to specific points on the body.

If these points are pressed or massaged, the treatment is called acupressure.   On the other hand, if it uses needles, it`s called acupuncture and it requires special needles, specific training, and professional practitioner.

Stimulation of certain points relieves joint pain as well as pain in the legs and hips.  Regular stimulation not only provides immediate results, but alleviates pain for good.  Below you have a list of three points you need to be familiar with when it comes to back and joint pain:

  1. GB 29

This point is located at the junction of the pelvis and the femur. Stimulating this specific point helps relieves joint pain as well as pain in the hips.

  1. GB 30

Stimulating GB 29 and GB 30, which is located a bit lower and behind the buttocks ( on the back of the pelvic bone),   helps relieve joint pain and pain in the lower back, hips, and shoulders.

  1. GB 54

Stimulating the point GB 54, located just behind the knee, relaxes the muscles and relieves pain in the lower back and the hips.

Stimulating these points on a regular basis will help you get rid of joint and back pain for good!

Eating This Type of Honey is Worse than Drinking Soda. It Contains Heavy Metals and Antibiotics

Eating This Type of Honey is Worse than Drinking Soda. It Contains Heavy Metals and Antibiotics

According to recent testing conducted by Food Safety News,  76 percent of honey offered on the American market isn’t real honey but rather a fake product packed with sugars and toxic syrups. In addition to this, these fake products also contain heavy metals and antibiotics!


The actual nutrition of the bee has a critical role in developing and keeping healthy colonies.  Carbohydrates are of utmost importance since they supply energy for all the activities within the hive. Bees naturally get carbohydrates by collecting nectar and honeydew, but unfortunately natural sources are limited due to the fact that harvesting honey by humans has removed the colony`s supply of carbohydrates.  Consequently, beekeepers are now forced to use supplemental feeding, usually sucrose solution, starch syrup, inverted sugar syrup, or high fructose corn syrup.  This is the reason why now we have a different type of honey without any nutritional value.


Given that bees are given antibiotics as a preventative measure against various diseases, the honey also becomes contaminated with these antibiotics.  Streptomycin and sulfonamides, the two most commonly used antibiotics, are detrimental to the human body.  In addition, they are also given chloramphenicol, despite the fact that large doses of this antibiotic may cause cancer and aplastic anemia in humans.


According to a study led by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), a pesticide called clothianidin is completely unacceptable for use!  But, the U.S uses this pesticide on nearly 143 million acres, which is a third of its crops. Imidacloprid and thiamethoxam are also extensively used in the U.S, despite the fact that they have been linked to bee death.


Not only all the honey in stores is fake, but it also has no bee pollen.  Manufacturers use special machines to extract it out and then mix in honey imported from China and India.  Therefore, nobody is familiar with the origin of the honey itself.


1. Light a Fire: Dip the tip of the matchstick in the honey and light a fire. If the match lights easily and the flame burns off the honey, it means that it is natural.  On the other hand, fake honey doesn’t make like due to the moisture it contains.

2. The Shelf Life Test: Real like crystallizes over time while the fake one remains looking like syrup, regardless of how long it is stored.

3. The Water Test: Add a tablespoon of honey into a glass of water. If it settles at the bottom of the glass, your honey is real.  If it dissolves in the water, it`s a fake!

4. The Thumb Test: Put some honey on the thumb. If it stays intact, it`s pure. If it spreads around, it`s fake.

Thermograms: Safer, More Accurate than Mammograms

Thermograms: Safer, More Accurate than Mammograms

Mammograms are the standard tool to diagnose breast cancer, which the reason why women are advised to get mammogram testing annually or biannually as they enter later adulthood.

However, contrary to popular belief, mammogram testing is not harmless! As a matter of fact, some in the medical community consider mammograms detrimental to women health, promoting the development of cancer due to the heavy amounts of ionizing radiation.  Only one mammogram testing exposes you to the same amount of radiation as 1,000 chest X-rays, which equals three chest X-rays per day for a year.

“The premenopausal breast is highly sensitive to radiation, each 1 rad exposure increasing breast cancer risk by about 1 percent, with a cumulative 10 percent increased risk for each breast over a decade’s screening,” according to top cancer expert Dr. Samuel Epstein.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, mammograms have almost negligible ability to prevent cancer deaths.  As found by a 2010 study,  mammograms reduced cancer death rates by only 4 deaths for every 1,000 women who underwent the annual testing for 10 years.

The good news is that there is much safer and more accurate alternative. It is called thermography and unlike mammograms, it doesn’t rely on radiation, but on heat levels in the body. It is safe to use for everyone, including pregnant and nursing women.  Cancerous cells are characterized with inflammation long before they become visible on mammograms, so thermograms have the ability to detect them earlier than any other method.

According to a study done on women who received regular thermograms screenings over the course of 10 years, abnormal thermogram scan was ten times more accurate and safer.  Additionally,  thermogram testing was the first detector of cancer for 60 percent of the women who were later diagnosed with it.

“Since thermal imaging detects changes at the cellular level, studies suggest that this test can detect activity 8 to 10 years before any other test.  This makes it unique in that it affords us the opportunity to view changes before the actual formation of the tumor.  Studies have shown that by the time a tumor has grown to sufficient size to be detectable by physical examination or mammography, it has in fact been growing for about seven years achieving more than 25 doublings of the malignant cell colony.  At 90 days there are two cells, at one year there are 16 cells, and at five years there are 1,048,576 cells—an amount that is still undetectable by a mammogram,”  according to Dr. Phlip Getson, who has used medical thermography since 1982.

In a nutshell, thermograms are better early predictors as well as less likely to produce false positives.  On the other hand, the false positive rate for mammograms is 6 percent, meaning that majority of women who undergo regular screenings may become a victim of false positive rate.