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Fat-Burning Organic Soup Recipe, You Will Lose Weight Quickly and Healthy

Fat-Burning Organic Soup Recipe, You Will Lose Weight Quickly and Healthy

According to The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, being overweight is far more serious than being a cosmetic problem only. As a matter of fact, obesity is associated with higher risk of heart problems, too.


Coronary Heart Disease

There is a strong link between high body mass index and an increased risk for coronary heart disease, a condition in which plaque accumulates inside the coronary arteries.

Consequently, this waxy substance narrows or blocks the arteries, thus reducing blood flow to the heart muscle. This can lead to either angina or a heart attack.

Obesity is likely to lead to heart failure too, a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood required for the body.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is a serious condition which damages the body in many different ways.  Overweight or obese individuals have greater chances of having high blood pressure.


As mentioned above, being overweight or obese leads to accumulation of plaque in the arteries, which causes blood clot to form over time.

If by any chance the clot is nearby the brain, it may block the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, causing a stroke.  As body mass index increases, the risk of having stroke raises, too.

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition in which the blood sugar level is too high.  Typically, the body breaks down food into glucose (sugar) and transports it to all cells which use insulin to convert glucose into energy.

As for diabetes type 2, the body is unable to use insulin the right way, leading to production of more insulin. However, the body eventually loses its ability to produce insulin and fails to control its blood sugar level. It is worth mentioning that most people with diabetes type 2 are overweight.

Type 2 diabetes is the leading cause of stroke, kidney disease, blindness, CHD, and premature death.

The Solution

The one week diet plan presented in this article contains Fat Burning Soup= FBS, which  is given to overweight patients who need to undergo a heart surgery in Sacred Heart Memorial hospital.

However, constant consumption of this soup may lead to malnutrition! Therefore, you need to drink plenty of water and kombucha in order to keep the beneficial yeast and bacteria healthy.



  • 1 large head cabbage chopped in small chunks
  • 6 large organic green onions, chopped in bite size
  • 6 oz. can diced organic tomatoes
  • 3 lbs organic carrots, sliced
  • 1 bunch of organic celery
  • 2 cans ( 8 oz.) organic green beans
  • 1 oz. envelope organic soup mix
  • Sea salt and ground pepper


  • Put all the ingredients in a pot
  • Fill the pot with water and bring it to boil for about ten minutes
  • Reduce heat
  • Cook the veggies until tender



  • 1 Ib of shiitake mushrooms (sliced)
  • 1 organic leek (rinsed and sliced)
  • 1 diced organic bell pepper
  • 1 large organic onion
  • 1 organic kombu seaweed (rinsed and sliced)
  • 1 bulb organic garlic (sliced)
  • 1 large organic cabbage (shredded)
  • Organic broth of choosing
  • Sea salt and pepper


  • Sauté the vegetables, except for cabbage and tomato, using some coconut oil
  • Boil the cabbage and tomatoes
  • Reduce heat and simmer for a while
  • Add herbs of choosing
8 Morning Drinks Can Flush Pounds of Toxins And Waste From Your Body That In No Time

8 Morning Drinks Can Flush Pounds of Toxins And Waste From Your Body That In No Time

Simply put, detoxification is a means to gain health.  It is a great way to remove toxic waste accumulated in the intestines and the colon as well as detrimental parasites and free radicals. To keep the body functioning at its optimal level, it is important to do a cleanse/ detox from time to time.

The good news is that there are certain foods and beverages which can give you a hand in cleansing your body.  Start including them or at least a few of them in your morning routine and you will notice notable improvements in no time.

1. Lemon Water

The lemon water is already gaining its popularity and for a strong reason! It provides numerous health benefits, such as improving digestion and stimulating detoxification.   It contains enzymes and acids which promote detoxification of the entire body and keep insulin levels in check.  It also stimulates the production of bile, this helps food move through the body and gastrointestinal tract much easier. To reap its benefits, start drinking a glass of it every morning.

2. Ground Flax Seed Water

Flaxseeds are high in fiber content, which is critical for proper functioning of the digestive system.  They promote healthy bowel movements and remove toxic waste from the system.  What`s more, flaxseeds provide a feeling of satiety which lasts for an extended period of time, which is turn makes them helpful for those who are trying to lose weight.  Ground flaxseeds can be added to smoothie, to water, or in your morning cereal.

3. Beet Juice

The liver is involved in over 500 bodily functions,   many of which involve detoxification.  Being high in iron, vitamins, calcium, and antioxidants, consuming beets is a great way to promote optimal detoxification.  Beets are highly versatile too, and can be added to smoothie, salads, or made into a fresh juice.

4. Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion root provides a wide plethora of health benefits,  to synthesizing and metabolizing fat and cholesterol to breaking down and storing amino acids.  In addition to these liver-detoxing properties, it also promotes proper bile glow, which improves the function of the digestive system.  For optimal results, drink a cup of dandelion root tea every morning.

5. Carrot Juice

Carrot juice is often called “miracle juice”  due to its enzyme and antioxidant content which promotes detoxifying properties.  Carrot juice works as an amazing liver-cleansing agent which supports removal of toxic waste from the body.

6. Turmeric Golden Milk

Turmeric`s health benefits are already well-known among health conscious individuals. It has the ability to purify the blood of impurities and stimulate liver detoxification. Golden milk is the simplest and most delicious way to incorporate this spice in your diet and thus reap its benefits.


  • 2 cups of milk or homemade coconut milk
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • 1 piece of fresh, peeled ginger root or ¼ teaspoon of ginger powder
  • ½ tsp Cinnamon
  • 1 tsp raw honey or maple syrup
  • Pinch of black pepper


Put all the ingredients in a blender and blend on high speed until smooth.  Transfer the mixture in a saucepan and simmer for about five minutes, making sure it doesn’t reach a boiling point.

7. Parsley Juice

Parsley juice has a robust nutritional profile, containing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes. It also possesses strong cleansing properties and is highly effective in detoxifying both liver and kidneys.  Due to its strong taste, it is recommended to combine it with fresh fruit and veggie juices like carrot, celery, watermelon, and lemon.  Besides being more delicious, the effects of such combination are even more enhanced.

8. Prune Juice

Prune juice is an excellent source of potassium, iron, beta-carotene, and antioxidants.  It works as potent detoxifying agent due to its high fiber content which is responsible for removal of toxic waste from the colon.  In addition to this, prune juice can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, too.  You can either make prune juice or add prunes to your smoothie.

Prepare Ginger In This Old Way and Prevent Cancer, Treat Arthritis, Reduce Cholesterol And Lower Blood Sugar levels!

Prepare Ginger In This Old Way and Prevent Cancer, Treat Arthritis, Reduce Cholesterol And Lower Blood Sugar levels!

Ginger has become all the rage over the last few years, and for a good reason.  Although it`s a common ingredient in both Asian and Indian cuisine, it has been long used for medicinal purposes, too.

This aromatic and pungent spice provides a wide plethora of health benefits and is extremely effective in case of flu, cough, cold, stomach problems, and arthritis.  In addition to these benefits, it also relieves back pain, reduces cholesterol, and regulates blood sugar levels.

It has been scientifically shown that people with rheumatoid arthritis and chronic pain can benefit a lot by consuming this spice, due to its potent anti-inflammatory properties.  Probably the most outstanding benefit is its ability to stimulate blood flow and act as preventative measure against cancer.

However, besides boosting circulation, relieving pain, reducing cholesterol, and keeping blood sugar levels in check, ginger root is also a popular remedy for nausea, indigestion, menstrual cramps, flatulence, heartburn, and gastrointestinal problems.

The recipe below is a traditional ginger remedy which helps treat different health conditions, from high cholesterol and blood sugar levels to arthritis.


  • 450 ml filtered water
  • ½ cup of sparkling water
  • 200 grams ginger, peeled and chopped
  • 50 ml lime juice
  • 50 grams organic honey


  • First, bring the filtered water to boil and add the ginger
  • Simmer over low heat from about five minutes
  • Remove from heat and allow it to cool for about twenty minutes
  • To prepare the syrup, mix half a cup of ginger water,  half a cup of sparkling water, lime juice, and honey
Similar to Opium: The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in your Backyard

Similar to Opium: The Best Natural Painkiller that Grows in your Backyard

Wild lettuce resembles dandelion and thistle, and has been widely used as sedative, painkiller, sleep enhancer, edible oil, and natural remedy. Back in the 1800s, it was used as alternative to opium and was often referred as ‘poor man`s opium’.  It turns out that things haven’t changed a lot since then, as water distilled from wild lettuce is still being used as mild sedative.

Wild lettuce contains a solid amount of pain-relieving opiates which are found in the resinous milky sap.  When gathered and dried, this substance is called lactucarium and it contains active compounds which are called lactupicrin, lactucin and lactucopicrin. The analgesic properties of these compounds are similar or even more potent than the ones of ibuprofen.

A team of Iranian researchers found that opium lettuce was a popular painkiller and sedative long before the Victorian age, which indicates that it`s very likely that it has been used for eons. As reported in the paper Lettuce, lactuca sp. as a Medicinal Plant in Polish Publications of the 19th Century,  “The action of the substance was weaker than that of opium, but free of the side-effects, and medical practice showed that in some cases lactucarium produced better curative effects than opium”.   Although opium lettuce doesn’t contain opium, it has properties which are very similar to it.  Besides its pain-relieving properties, it is known for treating cough and reducing the symptoms of whooping cough.


1. Asthma

Acting as mild sedative, wild lettuce is extremely effective in treating anxiety symptoms.  Many people worldwide claim that using this herb reduced the severity and the frequency of their asthma attacks.

2. Sleep and Insomnia

Wild lettuce has been long used as sleep enhancer and natural remedy for insomnia and sleep disorders.

3. Pain and Tension

Its opiate-like effect is responsible for its ability to reduce pain, which makes it beneficial for relieving many types of pain and tension.

4. Migraine

It is believed that wild lettuce helps reduce both severity and frequency of migraine attacks.

5. Mild Euophoric

Again, thanks to its opiate-like effect wild lettuce causes a feeling of mild euphoria.  However, it`s far safer and it doesn’t cause any side effects, unlike opiates.


Break the leaf or stem from a wild lettuce to release the milky sap, which can be made into an alcohol tincture. Another option is to dry the leaves and made them into tea, in which case typically 1.5 grams of opium lettuce is infused in tea.  In case you opt for more potent variant, you can smoke it in a pipe.

Note:  High wild lettuce intake may cause nausea, anxiety, dizziness, and anxiety.

5 Of The World’s Most Powerful Antibiotics That Don’t Require A Prescription

5 Of The World’s Most Powerful Antibiotics That Don’t Require A Prescription

Ever since antibiotics were first discovered in the mid 19th century, they have been saving people in many ways.  However, their excessive use has now become a problem, as the bugs are not responding to them anymore, creating antibiotic resistance.  Some of those superbugs include Streptococcus pneumonia, fluconazole-resistant Candida ,  (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus),  and Clostridium difficile. As a matter of fact, nearly 2 million people annually are infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the U.S alone, out of which 23,000 die because of the infection.

Given that antibiotics are now overprescribed, particularly for conditions like flu, cold, chest congestion, and earache,  it`s high time we turned to alternative medicine and natural antibiotics.

5 of The World’s Most Powerful Antibiotics That Don’t Require A Prescription

1. Raw Honey

Raw honey is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and antimicrobial properties.  It also contains propolis and bee pollen, both of which boost immunity and provide antibiotic properties.

Honey has a wide plethora of uses, from reducing coughs and healing foot ulcers in diabetics to reducing postoperative complications and relieving pain better than acetaminophen and commonly used pain-relievers.

Due to its hydrogen peroxide content, raw honey is effective against MRSA as well,  a fact which is backed up by science. It has been found that Manuka honey from New Zealand is the most effective against MRSA, due to its high methylglyoxal content.

“…clinical trials have found that Manuka honey is effective against more than 250 strains of bacteria, including:

  • MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus)
    • MSSA (methicillin-sensitive Staphylococcus aureus)
    • VRE (vancomycin-resistant enterococci)
    • Helicobacter Pylori (which can cause stomach ulcers)”

2. Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is extremely beneficial during cold and flu season, due to its potent antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.  It works as sanitizer around the house or at school, because of its activity against the ‘winter stomach bug’.  It has been scientifically shown that oil of oregano is effective against different parasites in the human digestive tract, too.

To prevent cold and flu, you should take 1,500 mg capsule on a daily basis while for acute conditions you should take 3,500 mg capsules a day in divided doses.  To relieve infection and sinus congestion, it is recommended to add a few drops of oregano oil to a steam. Ultimately,  mixing a few drops of oregano oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil like almond or coconut oil and applying it to athlete`s foot or ringworm accelerates the healing process.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become all the rage over the past few years, and its natural antibiotic properties are only one of the many reasons to love it!  Coconut oil possesses potent antimicrobial, antifungal, and anti-parasitic properties, all of which are attributed to its lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid content. This oil is especially effective against skin infections, atopic dermatitis, and Staphylococcus aureus.

4. Garlic

Garlic provides numerous benefits as a natural antibiotic, such as combating fungal and microbial infections. According to a 90-day study of Aged Garlic Extract (AGE),  treating cold and flu with garlic reduces its severity as well as the number of symptoms.

Before use, cut the garlic and let it sit for about 15 minutes to release allicin, one of its active compounds.  Then, add garlic in the last 5 minutes of cooking in order to keep its active compounds which are sensitive to heat.

5. Echinacea

This herb has been long used to neutralize venom from snakebites, due to its antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. It contains polysaccharides which active immune response, providing an immune boost and anti-inflammatory effect.

Note:  Echinacea is not recommended to be used as preventative measure against cold and flu.  The best would be to use it for treating symptoms associated with upper respiratory infection, if any.

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bedtime Will Change Your Life For Good!

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar Before Bedtime Will Change Your Life For Good!

Most people use apple cider vinegar in recipes like pickles, salad dressings, or pies and a few of them know that it can be also enjoyed as healthy beverage.

As unbelievable as it seems, drinking apple cider vinegar before going to bed provides a wide plethora of health benefits and improves your overall health.  This article covers the top 10 benefits of drinking apple cider vinegar before bedtime. Check them out!


Many studies show that there is a strong link between obesity and sleep deprivation. As a matter of fact, the more weight a person has, the more sleep issues will experience.

Apple cider vinegar contains pectin, a compound which provides a sense of feeling full, reduces the appetite, and prevents fat buildup.   Therefore, in case you experience unhealthy cravings at night, mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water instead of reaching for something sweet.

In addition to this, people consuming ACV before bedtime had reduced insulin spikes and felt much fuller, as reported by “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.”


Apple cider vinegar increases insulin sensitivity, which in turn lowers blood sugar levels in the body.  To keep your blood sugar levels in check, take two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before bedtime on a regular basis.


It has been shown that insomnia and indigestion often go hand in hand, which makes apple cider vinegar a real savior in case one is having sleep issues.   Namely, mixing a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey in a glass of warm water and drinking it before bedtime prevents indigestion and helps treat nausea and bloating, which in turn also promotes better sleep.


A teaspoon of organic ACV diluted in a cup of warm water and drunk before bedtime helps bring relief from the stomachache and discomfort that makes you miserable.  This simple trick eliminates cramps and gas, which may often leave you without a good night`s rest.


What makes apple cider vinegar an effective treatment for acid reflux is its ability to restore acidity in the gut.  Simply mix a tablespoon of ACV with a glass of water and drink it an hour before bedtime. Simple as that!


Nocturnal leg cramps, which are manifested by sudden pain in the thigh or calf, are often caused by lack of potassium.  Being an excellent source of potassium, apple cider vinegar steps in as both preventative measure and treatment of these cramps.  All you have to do is to dilute two tablespoons of ACV in a glass of warm water and drink it before bedtime.


Because of its bitter taste, apple cider vinegar triggers the nerves in the throat and mouth which are responsible for hiccups, which in turn ceases their need to hiccup. Simply take a teaspoon of ACV and swallow it.


Being rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamins like A, B1, B2, and E, apple cider vinegar helps thin the mucus and clear the sinuses. For a simple and quick relief, mix a teaspoon of ACV with a glass of water and drink it before bedtime.


Apple cider vinegar creates acidic environment in which the bacteria responsible for sore throat cannot survive. What`s more, it also acts as potent antibacterial agent.

For a quick relief, take a teaspoon of ACV an hour before bedtime.  Then, take another teaspoon half an hour later, and take the third one right before bedtime.


Apple cider vinegar kills off bacteria in the oral cavity which are responsible for bad breath, thus keeping the mouth fresh and nice-smelling.  All you have to do is to take a teaspoon of ACV before going to bed.

3-Ingredient Powerful Medicinal Tonic You Can Make To Detoxify Your Liver And Kidneys

3-Ingredient Powerful Medicinal Tonic You Can Make To Detoxify Your Liver And Kidneys

It is very important to understand the importance of detoxification and employ it to clean the system of detrimental toxic waste.

Have you ever come across the word ‘beet kvass”?  For those who haven’t, this term refers to a potent medicinal tonic made by fermenting stale bread,  resulting in fizzy tonic with unique taste and a wide plethora of health benefits.

What makes this beverage so effective is inclusion of beetroots.  Beets are nutrient-dense veggie which is often used in different DIY natural remedies.  They support detoxification of the liver and kidneys, promoting regularity and boosting digestion.

Kvass is a traditional Russian beverage, typically made with sourdough rye bread.  It is prepared differently in different regions, but in all regions people use it in soups, vinaigrettes, and borscht.

Health Benefits of Beet Kvass

Beet kvass is made through fermentation, a process in which the beetroot is converted into kvass. Fermentation itself boosts its nutritional profile and promotes gut health thanks to the addition of healthy probiotic enzymes and bacteria. What`s more, it also increases the bioavailability of nutrients from the food you consume.

As little as 4oz shot of fermented beet juice two times daily is enough to alkalize the blood, cleanse the liver, promote regularity, improve digestion, and treat kidney stones and similar health issues.  If you are interested in preparing this medicinal tonic, read on!

Beet Kvass Recipe

The preparation of beet kvass is extremely simple, it calls for a few common ingredients, and it takes a few minutes only! However, it needs a few days to ferment.


  • Glass jar (half a gallon)
  • Purified water
  • 4 organic beetroots
  • 1 tbsp of Himalayan salt
  • Orange, ginger, lemon, spices ( optional)


  • Wash the beets thoroughly, chop them into cubes, and put them in the glass jar
  • Pour the filtered water in the jar, leaving an inch of space at the top.
  • Add salt and spices of choice
  • Covet the jar with a towel or cheesecloth, securing it with a rubber band
  • Keep the jar in the kitchen for a few days, at room temperature
  • Once the beet kvass turns dark, deep red, it means that it`s ready. Remove the cloth, replace it with lid, and put the jar in the fridge

To sum up, this potent drink is one of the great probiotic foods, ably improving intestinal tract and boosting immunity, promoting liver detoxification, balancing out pH levels, and purifying and alkalizing the blood.  What`s more, it works as a natural cancer treatment due to the combination of potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Women Need More Sleep Than Men Because Their Brains Work Harder, According To Science

Women Need More Sleep Than Men Because Their Brains Work Harder, According To Science

It has been scientifically shown that women and men have different brains and that the structure of a woman`s brain is more complex.   Therefore, the fact that women need more sleep doesn’t come as surprise.  As reported by Professor Jim Horne, director of the Sleep Research Centre at Loughborough University,

“For women, poor sleep is strongly associated with high levels of psychological distress and greater feelings of hostility, depression, and anger,” and “These feelings were not associated with the same degree of sleep disruption in men.”

Professor Jim Horne is the author of “A Journey Through The Science of Sleep,” book which focuses on the importance of sleeping.  As explained in the book:

“One of the major functions of sleep is to allow the brain to recover and repair itself. During deep sleep, the cortex — the part of the brain responsible for thought memory, language and so on – disengages from the senses and goes into recovery mode.”

“The more of your brain you use during the day, the more of it that needs to recover and, consequently, the more sleep you need. Women tend to multi-task — they do lots at once and are flexible — and so they use more of their actual brain than men do. Because of that, their sleep need is greater.

A man who has a complex job that involves a lot of decision-making and lateral thinking may also need more sleep than the average male — though probably still not as much as a woman.”

“This is because women’s brains are wired differently from men’s and are more complex, so their sleep need will be slightly greater. The average is 20 minutes more, but some women may need slightly more or less than this.”

Women Need More than 8 Hours of Sleep a Night

Although we are constantly being told that getting an 8-hour sleep a night is usually enough for both men and women, Professor Horne refutes these claims, suggesting that women need more sleep because their brain is more complex.

Women are used to multi-tasking and thus expose their brain to more demanding activities. Therefore, it`s natural for their brain to seek more time to recover, and sleeping is the best way to restore, recover, and heal.

Interestingly, men with highly responsible jobs which require decision-making need more sleep than an average male, which is still less when compared to an average woman.

Tips on How to Improve Sleep Quality

1. Stick to a Sleep Schedule

It is recommended to set a sleep routine and stick to it, so that the brain learns when it needs to slow down and relax.  Start going to bed and getting up at the same time and be consistent.  As unbelievable as it seems, sticking to a sleep schedule significantly improve sleep quality.

2. Pay Attention to What You Eat and Drink ( Avoid Stimulating Foods)

Certain foods and drinks, like coffee, sugar, and chocolate, have stimulating effects which affect your sleep and often lead to insomnia.  Therefore, make sure you avoid these foods before bedtime in order to prevent them from disrupting your sleep.

3. Get Comfortable

You need to create an environment for sleeping, which means that you need quiet, dark, and cool room. Turn off any devices like TV and lights and use high quality pillow and mattress.

4. Yoga

Practicing yoga is highly recommended for people with sleep disorders as certain yoga poses prepare the body for a good night`s rest.

5. Reduce Stress/ Try Meditation

Women often have difficulties falling asleep or staying asleep during the night as their brain works at all times and they are more prone to stress.  Insomniacs and anyone with sleep disorder is recommended to practice meditation, which helps the brain settle down and relax.

6. Include Physical Activity in your Daily Routine

Exercising on a regular basis helps fall asleep quicker and enjoy more quality sleep.  However,  pay attention to the timing as exercising before bedtime may have the opposite effect.

7. Melatonin

It has been scientifically shown that melatonin promotes better sleep. Consider taking 1-3 mg of melatonin, an hour before bedtime.

Doctor Told This 82-Year Old Man That Only 13% Of His Heart Is Functioning. See How He Healed Himself!

Doctor Told This 82-Year Old Man That Only 13% Of His Heart Is Functioning. See How He Healed Himself!

This article tells the story of a man with poor heart function who managed to heal himself naturally with the help of carrot juice.

Namely, this 82-year old man had 13 percent of his heart functioning properly after having a heart attack a few years earlier.

Due to the heart-related problems he was faced with, he was given different medications to help him, which eventually led to additional problems. He was diagnosed with kidney failure and told that nothing more could be done to improve his condition. Completely disappointed and devastated, his family started preparing for his death.

At this point, he was in the worst shape ever, unable to urinate, weak, pale, and experiencing debilitating pain. A couple of days after being in palliative care, he asked for a glass of fresh carrot juice, which his grandson immediately brought.  Amazingly, once he drank the carrot juice, he soon began to urinate and to eat a little bit.

Apart from these changes, he also experienced an energy boost, his urine began to clear up, and the healthy color on his face returned a few days afterwards.  What`s more, his blood pressure levels changed for the better, too. As unbelievable as it seems, these changes happened within a week of drinking carrot juice three times daily.

Naturally, the doctor was taken aback when he returned to the hospital after the weekend and found the man in better shape than earlier. What`s more, he was released from hospital and is currently feeling better and healthier than ever before.


Carrots have a robust nutritional profile which helps you obtain the 17.5 to 21 cups of veggies a week which are recommended by the U.S Department of Agriculture. According to the USDA, besides lowering the risk for obesity, kidney-related issues, and cancer, a diet high in vegetables protects against heart disease, too.  Most of the heart-protecting properties of carrots are attributed to their vitamin content.


As reported by a review published in “Heart and Circulatory Physiology” in 2008, getting sufficient amount of vitamin A helps combat heart disease.  This nutrient prevents thickening of the ventricular walls and suppresses the response to stress which leads to heart failure.


According to the Linus Pauling Institute, Vitamin C content in carrots reduces the risk of developing coronary heart disease and the risk of dying from heart-related disease.  A cup of carrots provides up to 10 percent of the recommended daily intake for vitamin C.


Vitamin K activates protein Gas6, a compound which promotes cellular communication. It also keeps blood clotting in check and thus prevents excessive blood clotting which has a negative impact on the heart.

How to Stop Bleeding in 10 Seconds with Cayenne Pepper

How to Stop Bleeding in 10 Seconds with Cayenne Pepper

Did you know that cayenne pepper is one of the best and most effective natural remedies for cuts? Deep cuts, nosebleeds, and arterial gushing can be stopped with cayenne pepper in a matter of seconds! It can be used both typically to open wounds or orally, allowing the cuts to clot and keep the blood inside.

Cayenne pepper basically equalizes the blood pressure, allowing the cuts to clot fast.  Although it may sting a bit, cayenne is a time-tested and true healer.  Being a multi-faceted herb, cayenne also disinfects the wound due to its potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

How to Stop Bleeding in 10 Seconds with Cayenne Pepper

  • The first option is to apply some organic cayenne pepper directly on the cut or scrape. Applying a cayenne poultice promotes safe and fast healing and it doesn’t leave any scar.
  • Alternatively, you can stir a teaspoon of cayenne in a cup of hot water and drink it while it`s still warm.

In case of something more severe such as hemorrhages, you should consider taking it orally. As reported by the late Herbalist Dr. John Christopher’s book, School of Natural Healing, “…take a teaspoonful of cayenne in a glass of extra-warm water, drink it down, and by the count of ten, the bleeding will stop. Instead of all the pressure being centralized, it is equalized, and the clotting becomes more rapid. Whether the bleeding is internal or external, a teaspoon of cayenne taken orally in a glass of hot water will stop the bleeding quickly.”

Other Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Apart from being rich in capsaicin, cayenne pepper is an excellent source of potassium, manganese,  flavonoids, and vitamins B6, C, and E.

Pain and Inflammation

Cayenne is beneficial for sore muscles, backaches, stiff neck, and similar pains due to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to desensitize nerves that signal pain.

Blood Clots

Cayenne pepper lowers the risk for heart attack or stroke by reducing atherosclerosis, preventing blood clotting, and promoting fibrinolytic activity.


Last but not least, people suffering from ulcers may benefit a lot from cayenne pepper as this ingredient is good for the stomach and the intestinal tract. It basically stimulates peristaltic activity of the intestines and promotes assimilation and elimination.


Cayenne increases the pulse of both digestive and lymphatic rhythms, stimulating the process of detoxification. It also induces sweating, yet another factor in detox.  For optimal results, combine it with honey and lemon juice.

Supports Weight Loss

According to a study from the Laval University in Quebec, those who took cayenne pepper in the morning had less appetite throughout the day, leading to less caloric intake. It also works as metabolic booster and fat-burning stimulant.

Migraine Headache Prevention

This ability is associated with ability to stimulate a pain response in another area, which in turn shifts brain’s attention to other location.