Why and How You Need to Consider Using Diatomaceous Earth for Your Body (and Home)

Why and How You Need to Consider Using Diatomaceous Earth for Your Body (and Home)

Diatomaceous earth (DE) is a mineral made of fossilized diatoms, type of oceanic algae.  It is a soft rock which is crumbled into a fine white powder. The powder can have an abrasive feel, depending on the granularity.

This simple earth provides a wide plethora of benefits, both practical and health-related. Here are the top 12 uses of this mineral!

Home Uses

1. Natural Pesticide

DE is the best among natural insect repellents! If you want to avoid the risk exposure to chemical sprays, but still want to keep creepy insects at bay, consider this natural and safe alternative.  DE is basically an insect killer you can eat!

Just dust it around and in home to kills ants, bedbugs, ticks, cockroaches and ants without creating a hazard to your kids or pets.

2. Gardening Pest Control

When done with watering the garden, dust the plants with DE and let it dry to keep flying insects at bay.  For ground insects, dust the soil around the stalk.

3.Food Storage

Using DE in your packaging keeps the food dry and it protect against infestation at the same time.  It works great for corn, rice, legumes, and beans, as it prevents molding and germinating.

4. Toothpaste

Thanks to its abrasive texture, DE is ideal for both cleaning and polishing the teeth.  As a matter of fact, it is already found in many natural toothpastes!  Simply add a pinch of it to your toothpaste to polish your teeth in an all-natural way.

5. Deodorizer
  • Sprinkle some DE in the garbage can to reduce the stink.
  • Vacuum the carpet, sprinkle some DE, and vacuum again. This simple trick will pull away all the smells absorbed within!
  • To get rid of the smelly shoes, dust the soles of the shoes with DE and let it work for eight hours.

Health Benefits

6. Silica Source

Silica is a mineral needed for optimal function of the tendons, bones, blood-vessels, and cartilage. But, only 30 percent of it is provided by plant based foods.

The good news is that DE is 85 percent silica, meaning that its daily use with ensure your body gets the amount it needs.

7. Skin Care

Its abrasive texture makes it a great exfoliant while the silica content supplies the skin with all it needs to be properly nourished.  Combine it with some water to create a facial scrub or leave it on for a couple of minutes for a homemade mask treatment.

8. Digestive Agent

DE acts as cleansing agent, ably removing detrimental organisms from the digestive tract and detoxifying the system from heavy metals.

9. Overall Health

DE is packed with minerals like magnesium, sodium, iron, and calcium, all of which are essential for numerous vital functions, such as muscle repair, cholesterol, and heart health.

Pet Benefits

10. Flea Control

Powder DE into your pet`s fur to get rid of fleas. It works by driving away the existing problem and deterring the insects!

11. Chicken Coop Duster

Dust your coop with DE and give your chicken a DE bath once in a while to relive them from live and mites.

12. De-wormer

Add a small amount of DE to your pet`s food to keep it healthy and de-worm it naturally.

  • Puppies/Kittens/Small Dogs: ½ tsp to food
  • All Cats/Dogs under 50 lb: 1 tsp
  • Dogs 50-100 lb: 1 tbsp
  • Dogs over 100 lb: 2 tbsp

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