10 Incredible Ways Himalayan Salt Will Change Your Life

Where the Himalayas now stand, 250 million years ago was a primordial sea, within a perfect ecosystem existed.  As the plates of the earth moved and pushed the peaks, the sea evaporated and all of its life-sustaining minerals crystallized and turned into what we now know as Himalayan pink salt.

Given the fact that this type of sea salt is formed under the purest conditions possible, it is much healthier than the table salt we consume on a daily basis. This article discusses some of the benefits of this sea salt and the ways it can improve your health.

1. Strengthens the Body

Himalayan pink salt contains many minerals which help the body maintain strong bones, connective tissues, proper blood circulation, and proper muscle regeneration. People, who are prone to arthritis, broken bones, chilled extremities, or mental fatigue, are highly recommended to start using HPS on a regular basis.


2. Improve Digestion

Nutrients found in HPS increase the capacity of our gastrointestinal tract to absorb other nutrients, which makes it able to help you digest food better. Proper digestion will make you feel less hungry, which is yet another benefit for those who want to get rid of the extra pounds.

3. Balance pH/ Reduce Acid Reflux

Unbalanced pH is a very common issue and it is associated with various health problems, such as weight gain, loss of bone density, kidney stones, and immune deficiency.

The body`s pH can be tested by using test strips. The pH of the urine should be around 6.5 and the pH of the saliva should maintain 6.5-7.5 during the day. Most people with a pH imbalance are on their way toward acidity, which can be solved by drinking sole made with HPS.

A sole made with HPS can be also used as an antacid, as a result of its alkalinity. All you have to do is to combine a teaspoon of HPS and a glass of water and drink to reduce acid reflux.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

A lot of people are skeptical when it comes to the ability of HPS to lower blood pressure, due to its high sodium content. However, when it is used in lieu of processed NaCl table salt, it allows the body to process the minerals easier. Therefore, the system won`t need much time to clear out the excess sodium and it won`t retain as much water. Consequently, the body won`t be forced to work as hard.

5. Regulate Hydration

When consumed as a sole, HPS supplies the body with electrolytes which regulate hydration.  Most of the sports drinks contain electrolytes, such as sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), calcium (Ca2+), magnesium (Mg2+), and chloride (Cl−) – in one or more of their forms.  However, they also contain chemical preservatives and sugar.

Luckily, HPS contains 58% sodium chloride and 15% potassium, calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate, all of which all electrolytes which are needed for bodily fluid regulation.

6. Sinus Irrigation

Himalayan salt has the ability to kill off bacteria and bonds to many contaminants which may have been accumulated in the nasal cavities due to breathing polluted air. Therefore, it is recommended to use a Neti pot with salt water to clear up your sinuses or use a Himalayan crystal salt inhaler, in case you don’t like the idea of running water through the nasal cavities.

7. Mineral Soak

Besides helping you relax at the end of the day, salt and mineral baths are a great way to absorb minerals through the process of dermal absorption. In fact, mineral soak works even better than taking the same minerals internally. Given the fact that HPS contains many minerals required by the body, it is at the top of the list.

8. Detoxification

Besides supplying you with much-needed nutrients to your body, adding HPS to your bath works as a potent detoxifier as well. HPS becomes an ionic solution when dissolved in water, which helps to draw the toxins from the skin and adipose tissues. The combination of this and its healing infusion makes HPS soakable to leave you refreshed and energized.

9. Soothe Away Soreness

The Himalayan pink salt soak will also help you relax cramped muscles, as magnesium and other trace minerals in HPS help heal damaged muscle, fortify bones, skin, and connective tissues, which in turn reduces body soreness.

10. Purify Air

Last but not least, HPS can also help you purify the air you breathe. Many people keep a pink crystal lamp at home, which is made of HPS and acts as a natural air purifier by pulling moisture into the salt. The heat from the bulb evaporates the water back into the air, but toxins which were earlier left behind remain trapped by the salt ions.

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Source: http://www.naturallivingideas.com/himalayan-pink-salt-benefits/

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