5 Natural Ways to Beat Depression

Depression can be treated as an illness that affects the person’s way of feeling, eating, sleeping thinking about stuffs etc. People that suffer from depression in a long period of time cannot pull themselves together, so their life gets really complicated. Here are 5 natural ways to beat depression on your own.

Eat Fresh Food

When you don’t consume enough vitamins minerals and fresh food it is more likely to feel bad and the risk of depression will be higher. The best advice is to get stuck up with fruits, vegetables and fresh food.

Cut Out Sugar

Cutting out on sugar minimizes the risk of insulin resistance which is connected with depression and also diabetes. Scientific studies show that there is a connection between insulin resistance and depression.

Get Moving

Daily activities and exercising improves the level of serotonin in the body, and basically acts like antidepressants. So instead of taking pills, get moving and exercising.

Sun Exposure

Don’t stay indoors when it’s sunny outside, go out and get exposed to the sun rays. You can have great benefits like the vitamin D that the skin absorbs it from the sunshine. The low level of vitamin D it increases the risk of depression. And the higher level of vitamin D also helps for the health and well-being of your bones. The sunshine also has a great effect on your mood.

Cut Down on Alcohol

The regular intake of alcohol in greater amounts lovers the level of vitamin B12 in the system, this also can be a big reason for depression. You can also change your food and consume more foods reach with vitamin B 12; these sources are animal-based foods, sea plants, miso and prawns.


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