8 Vegetables That You Buy Once And Regrow Forever ! Complete guide How To Grow Them

Raw vegetables which are grown at home are far superior to the store-bought, in terms of the health benefits they provide. Even though this process is time-consuming, it helps you save money and makes you feel proud of your own produce grown at home.

1. Garlic

Once new sprouts emerge from the garlic clove, remove them and place them in a pot with a little water. Then, put them into a soil and plant them.  The new sprouts have a milder flavor and can be used for pasta, salads, and many other dishes.

2. Cilantro

Put the stems in a glass of water and transfer them into a pot with soil, once they become long enough. Keep the pot in a room with sufficient amount of light. In a couple of months, you will have your own, home-grown cilantro.

3. Romaine Lucette

Put the stems in a half inch of water.  You will be able to notice new leaves and roots after a couple of days. Then, simply plant the lettuce into soil. You can also re-grow cabbage with by using the same method.

4. Carrots

First, put the carrot top in a bowl with water and place it on a place with sufficient sunlight, such as window sill. Even though carrot greens have slightly bitter taste, you can combine them with garlic and vinegar to prepare a delicious salad.

5. Scallions

To re-grow scallions, you will need its roots. Take a 1-inch scallion root, put it in water, and leave it 1n a well-lit place.

6. Celery

First, cut the base of the celery bottom and put it in a bowl.  Keep the bowl ion a place with sufficient sunlight and the new leaves will emerge very soon. Transplant it to soil after three days.

7. Basil

Take basil cuttings, put them in water, and place them on direct sunlight. Once the roots grow to 2 inches, transfer them to a pot and change the water on a regular basis to avoid slimy basil plants.

8. Bok Choy

Put the root ends in water and keep them in a place with sufficient sun exposure. Leave them for 1-2 weeks and then transplant them to a pot with soil.

Source: http://www.healthylifestylezone.com/8-vegetables-that-you-buy-once-and-regrow-forever-complete-guide-how-to-grow-them/

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