Activate Your Body’s Stress-FIGHTING, Anti-INFLAMMATORY Powers With a TBSP of This Powder

Many people add adaptogenic herbs to drinks, smoothies, and various breakfast foods in order to increase their resistance to stress of all kinds, both mental and physical.

A Russian scientist named N.V. Lazarev defined these herbs as “agents which help an organism to counteract any adverse effects of a physical, chemical or biological stressor by generating nonspecific resistance.” In other words, adaptogens are herbs that help the body:

-          encourage liver detoxification
-          combat the signs of aging
-          stabilize moods
-          maintain balance — specifically in the immune, endocrine, nervous, and hormonal systems
-          reduce the effects of stress — and increase the body’s resistance to it
-          boost immunity

Researchers recommend consuming these herbs daily for at least three months but they can be taken safely for an indefinite period of time.

Types of Adaptogenic Herbs

Of the 20,000 medicinal plants on the planet, only a handful are considered true adaptogens. Let’s take a look at the best ones!

-          Turmeric
-          Rhodiola
-          Astragalus
-          Holy Basil (Tulsi)
-          Maca
-          Licorice Root
-          Ashwagandha
-          Eleuthero (formerly Siberian Ginseng)
-          Ginseng

How Adaptogens Work?

Similarly to a thermostat which works to bring the temperature of the home up or down to keep a desired thermostat, adaptogenic herbs work to normalize systems to bring the body back into balance.

Adaptogenic Herbal Smoothie Mix


-          1 part Ashwagandha powder
-          1/2 part Turmeric Root powder
-          3 parts Maca powder
-          2 parts Eleuthero powder
-          1 part Tulsi powder


-          First, measure all ingredients and mix well in a large bowl.
-          Transfer the mixture to a glass jar and keep in a cook and dark place.
-          Take a teaspoon of the powder on a daily basis. You can either add it to smoothies or mix it into your favorite foods.

This powder is especially helpful if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, adrenal insufficiency, hypothyroidism, decreased libido and fibromyalgia.



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