Your Arteries are Filled With Toxins and Fat, Clear Them Out Quickly With This 3-Ingredient Drink

Heart diseases are the number one cause of death in the USA. Chronic lower respiratory diseases are at third place, and strokes are at number five.

The thing that these causes of death have in common is the build up of plaque and fatty material in the inner walls of the arteries, which is a condition known as atherosclerosis.

Today, more than 16 million Americans suffer from Atherosclerosis, which makes it one of the most widespread conditions in the USA. Most of these cases are due to the lifestyle choices that people make, such as eating foods full of saturated and trans fats, which raises the LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) and clogs the arteries, or smoking, which causes arterial damage. But, there is also a lifestyle choice such as eating healthy foods, which can prevent the toxin build up in the arteries.

That’s why we will present you a recipe for a drink that will cleanse your blood vessels and reduce the risk of developing life-threatening diseases that can be caused by atherosclerosis.


o    3 liters of water
o    2 pounds of limes
o    1 packet of baking soda
o    5-6 bunches of parsley


o    Wash limes with cold water and cover with baking soda for about an hour (the antimicrobial properties of baking soda will clean the pesticides)
o    Wash parsley and cut into small pieces
o    Pour the water into a pot and put it on medium-low heat
o    Cut limes in half and put the pieces into the pot together with the parsley. Let cook for 2-3 hours

After cooking you should get about a liter and a half of a syrupy substance. Drink a small cup of this every morning and you will feel the full blood-vessel cleansing benefits of this fantastic mixture.




Lime is an amazing citrus fruit. It is rich in vitamin C and contains a solid amount of dietary fiber. According to a study from ARYA Atherosclerosis, both fresh lime juice and peel are able to prevent the build up of plaque and fatty material in the arteries. Researchers claim that the flavonoids found in the lime prevent oxidative stress, which is one od the main reasons for the build up of plaque in the arteries.


Parsley is a plant that has been used as medicine due to its amazing health benefits, such as the ability to treat arterial hypertension (also known as high blood pressure in the arteries). This is very important because the high blood pressure damages the walls of the arteries and allows the cholesterol, platelets, and fat to circulate in the artery freely, which is one of the causes of plaque buildup.


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