The Blood Type Diet Chart!!!

There are three food categories for each blood type. They are as follows:

1. Foods that can act like medicine and is highly beneficial
2. Food that is adequate for the blood type, meaning that it is not harmful
3. Food that can be harmful and it is strictly prohibited


It has been scientifically shown that coconut oil positively affects both immune and digestive system. It is widely used for culinary purposes, due to the fact that it doesn’t lose its nutritional value when exposed to high temperatures, unlike other vegetable oils.

Coconut oil is abundant in good fats which act as antimicrobial agents and promote a healthy intestinal flora. It also contains medium chain fatty acids, especially lauric acid which is easily digestible. Consequently, it promotes proper liver function.

Ultimately, it is important to mention that coconut oil reduces sugar cravings and boosts energy levels.


Dark chocolate, especially the one with 85 percent content, is one of the healthiest foods available, as it doesn’t contain any milk or soy lecithin, a GMO ingredient. Moreover, the higher cocoa content in dark chocolate, the lower sugar amount in them. Interestingly, most people are put off by the intense flavor which prevents them from overindulging.

Dark chocolate is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants called polyphenols which neutralize free radicals. It also increases good cholesterol in the body. People who suffer from insulin resistance have low levels of HDL cholesterol and high levels of LDL cholesterol, which leads to a formation of arterial plaques.


Turmeric is extremely beneficial spice and it can be added to stews, curries, and vegetable juices. Its active ingredient called curcumin possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties, which in turn makes it effective at providing pain relief. It also promotes proper digestive function and it reduces indigestion and bloating.


Avocado is a great source of healthy fats, most of which are monounsaturated and unlike some polyunsaturated fats, don’t cause inflammation. They are extremely beneficial for regulating blood pressure and promoting a proper function of the arteries.

Moreover, avocados reduce sugar cravings. It is recommended to incorporate them in your daily diet because they are filling and very delicious as well.


It is a less-known fact that some of the best anti-inflammatory foods are high in healthy fats. In fact, most healthy fats work as potent anti-inflammatory agents. On the other hand, refined vegetable oils are high in omega-6 fats, meaning that they trigger inflammation.

Oily fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids which stimulate secretion of prostaglandins, a type of pain-relieving hormone. Therefore, fish oil provides pain relief from conditions like fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps, and arthritis. Moreover, it reduces inflammation in arterial walls and thus prevents blood clotting and atherosclerosis.

The high selenium content in fish is yet another health benefit. Selenium is extremely beneficial for people with an autoimmune disease as it reduces the secretion of autoantibodies. It is essential for the secretion of glutathione too.

Last but not least, this mineral is one of your best allies when it comes to fighting viral infections and minor chronic viral infections which often cause inflammation and fatigue.


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