Cabbage: One Of The Best Foods To Eat To Heal Stomach Ulcer, Detoxify Liver And Stop Inflammatio

Cabbage: One Of The Best Foods To Eat To Heal Stomach Ulcer, Detoxify Liver And Stop Inflammatio

Cabbage is a low calorie, high fiber veggie which promotes optimal health. Its secret lies in its healing properties which have been widely known for millennia by some cultures. Today, the exceptional properties of this veggie are backed up by science too.

Cabbage is a potent anti-inflammatory food which is extremely beneficial for colon and bone health. It has been scientifically shown that eating raw cabbage is an effective, all-natural remedy for stomach ulcer and many different digestive disorders.

Health Benefits Of Cabbage

Here are the 5 key benefits to introducing cabbage to your diet. Always use organic!

1. Heals peptic ulcer

The green juice made of one cabbage, 6 celery ribs, 2 green apples, half a lemon, and 1-inch ginger root is extremely beneficial in healing peptic ulcer.

2. As detox for stomach and colon

Consuming fresh raw cabbage has been proven to detoxify both the stomach and colon. It helps relieve inflammation of the intestine and reducing diarrhea.  To reap all the benefits this veggie offers, drink a few glasses of cabbage juice during the day.  This super-healthy and nutritious juice has been proven many times to work wonders for peptic ulcers. For optimal results, use green cabbage.

3. Blood-building

Those suffering from anemia are particularly recommended to drink at least one glass of raw cabbage juice daily. Cabbage is packed with blood-building properties and chlorophyll, both of which are beneficial in terms of improving blood quality in anemic individuals.

4. Weight loss

The diuretic and detoxifying properties of this cruciferous veggie make it ideal for improving regularity and promoting gradual and healthy weight loss.

5. Liver detox

Cabbage is one of the best veggies to consume when it comes to liver cleansing. To overcome hangovers, for instance, have a glass of fresh cabbage juice.  Its anti-inflammatory properties help diminish the effects of dehydration and headache caused by an intoxicated liver.

In addition to these benefits, cabbage is also beneficial for the outside.  It has been long used as an anti-inflammatory agent on a swollen glands or cuticle or even on engorged breasts caused by breastfeeding. To use it for this purpose or to relieve blisters, wounds, and sore spots, wash a few cabbage leaves, roll them flat using a glass bottle, heat them, and apply onto the affected area.  Let it work for at least two hours. Repeat, as needed.

Consumption Tips

The best and fastest way to reap the most benefits from cabbage is by using it in its juice form. However, use it in a way you enjoy it the most, whether it is steamed or eaten raw in a salad.  There are three types of cabbage and all of them should be consumed equally.

Savoy cabbage is the most recommended when it comes to warding off cancer. Savoy cabbage is packed with sinigrin, a glucosinolate which gained special attention due to its preventative properties against bladder, prostate, and colon cancers.

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