Dr. Devra Davis, the author of “Disconnect–The Truth about Cellphone Radiation”, has been investigating about the dangers posed by cell phone radiation in the last few years. At the beginning, like most of us, she couldn’t believe that cell phone radiation is dangerous, but after a thorough research, Dr. Davis has found that it can be even lethal. She has discovered about the biological impact of cell phone’s signal and its ability to disrupt resonance and interfere with DNA repair. According to Dr. Davis, this kind of damage can cause many diseases, including cancer.

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- Can Your Cell Phone Really Cause Cancer?

Recently, there was one very interesting case that has shown the cancer-causing ability of cell phones. A young lady had been diagnosed with a breast cancer even though she didn’t have predisposing risk factors for cancer. The doctors were very confused about her condition because they couldn’t find any logical cause for the development of the disease until the woman told them that she had a curious habit of tucking her cell phone into her bra. Two cancer specialists, Robert Nagourney, and John West concluded that the cell phone is the only possible cause for cancer. According to them, the pattern of cancer and the distribution of the cancerous cells lined up perfectly with the shape of her cell phone.

- Why Carrying Your Cell Phone on Your Body is a Bad Idea?

Cell phones can cause harm to the whole body, but there are some areas that are more vulnerable than others.

For instance, a 2009 study (with 150 male participants) has shown that the area of your pelvis will be weaker if you carry a cell phone on your hip. All of them carried their phones on their hips for at least a 15 hours per day and had used the devices for an average of 6 years. The researchers discovered that bone mineral density is lower on the side of the pelvis where they carried the mobile phones. This scientific evidence shows that radiation emitted by cell phones has very bad effect on bone density. It is also important to remember that even when you are not making a call, the phones still emit radiation.

Other studies have also show that cell phones can cause harm to our reproductive organs – click here for more info: http://besthealthyguide.com/cell-phones-are-cooking-our-reproductive-organs-and-causing-an-epidemic-of-cancer/

- The connection between Cell Phones and Cancer!

A group of Israeli scientists has reported a frequent increase of parotid gland tumors in the last 30 years, but they noted that there is a steep increase since 2001. The parotid gland is a type of salivary gland located close to the cheek, which is an area where most people hold their cell phones.

There is also the testimony of Dr. Siegal Sadetzki in front of U.S. Senate Hearing where he said that cell phones contribute to the development of salivary gland tumors. According to his report, the risk of developing a parotid tumor on the same side where you use the mobile phone is:

- 34 percent if you use a cell phone regularly for 5 years.
- 58 percent if you had more than 5,500 calls in your life.
- 49 percent if you have spoken for more than 266.3 hours on the phone.

We also want to remind the World Health Organization classified Cell Phone Radiation as Class B Carcinogen in 2011.

- Children are at Greatest Risk

Children and teens are at greatest risk of developing both parotid gland tumors and brain tumors due to their thinner skull bones which allow bigger penetration of cell phone radiation. The radiation can even get to their midbrain, where the tumors are more deadly. According to Lennart Hardell, a Swedish Professor, those who start to use cell phones as teenagers or younger are 4 to 5 times more likely to develop brain tumors.

Pregnant women should also avoid cell phones. In 2008, a research group analyzed data from 13,000 children and they discovered that exposure to cell phones while in the womb, and also during childhood, causes behavioral difficulties in children, such as hyperactivity and troubles with conduct, emotions, and relationships with the others.


- The Best Tips for Cell Phone Safety

1. Children Must Avoid Using Cell Phones

2. Reduce the use of Cell Phone – It is good to turn off your cell phone more often.

3. Use a Land Line at Home and at Work
4. Reduce or Eliminate the Use of Other Wireless Devices
5. Use Your Cell Phone Only Where Reception is Good - The weaker the reception, the more power your phone must use to transmit, and the more power it uses, the more radiation it emits, which means the it causes more harm.
6. Avoid Carrying Your Phone on Your Body because it maximizes the exposure to radiation.
7. Don’t Believe One Cell Phone is Safer than Another
8. Carry Your Cell Phone Away From Your Body When it is Turned On
9. Use Safer Headset Technology


Today, 87% of the world’s population (or 5.9 billion) uses cell phones. But, there is a hope that these numbers will get lower due to the many researchers who speak loudly about the harmful effects of cell phones.

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