The symptoms of magnesium deficiency usually go unnoticed. Even though the symptoms are so common, the doctors will never say that the ailments we suffer from on a daily basis are actually magnesium deficiency symptoms.

The Importance of Magnesium!

Magnesium is both mineral and an electrolyte. The body needs Magnesium in more than 300 reactions, which are important for the transmission of nerve impulses, temperature regulations, detoxification of the liver, formation of bones and teeth and for cardiovascular health (magnesium inhibits blood clots, thins the blood, blocks calcium uptake and relaxes blood vessels). Simply, we all need magnesium to stay alive.

Here are the Symptoms of Magnesium deficiency:

·         Constipation
·         High blood pressure (Hypertension)
·         Anxiety
·         Depression
·         Insomnia
·         Behavioral disturbances
·         Lethargy
·         Impaired memory/thinking
·         Seizures
·         Fatigue
·         Sleep disturbances
·         Pain
·         Muscle cramps
·         Chronic back pain
·         Headaches
·         Migraines
·         Muscular pain
·         Tendonitis
·         Anger
·         Aggression
·         ADHD
·         Brain fog
·         Tension
·         Anxiety disorders such as OCD

Anything that causes you difficulties could potentially be due to magnesium deficiency. Almost every health problem can be linked to this mineral. Most people with any chronic disease are feeling better after magnesium supplementation therapy. This is because chronic illness = stress, and stress will deplete magnesium. The following conditions are caused in part due to magnesium deficiency.

·         Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
·         Adrenal Fatigue
·         Fibromyalgia
·         Heart Disease
·         Atrial Fibrillation
·         Heart Palpitations
·         Osteoporosis
·         Diabetes
·         Sudden Death in patients with Congestive Heart Failure
·         Kidney Stones

Why Doctors Can’t Find Magnesium Deficiencies In Tests?

Unfortunately, conventional medicine has not done enough research about magnesium deficiency. Another problem is that most of the professionals try to learn more about magnesium deficiency from the blood tests. But the thing is that Blood tests do not give ANY information about magnesium. That’s because the body controls the levels of magnesium in the blood very tightly. If the magnesium in the blood drops a little bit, it will cause a heart attack. So, in order to prevent this, the body will rob all of its cells, tissues, and bones of magnesium. In this way, the body keeps the blood levels constant. That’s why when you do a blood test for magnesium; the cells are usually completely empty while the blood levels remain constant.

Why Are We So Deficient?

1.    Because of the poisonous food we eat.

2.    Because we are under constant stress (The production of stress hormone needs high levels of magnesium and stressful experiences cause depletion of magnesium stores).

3.    Because we eat more sugar than ever. (For every molecule of sugar we consume, our bodies use 54 molecules of magnesium to process it).

4.    Because the magnesium is depleted by many pharmaceutical drugs and estrogen compounds such as oral contraceptives, antibiotics, cortisone, prednisone, and blood pressure medications.

We don’t need any tests to claim that nowadays, almost everyone is magnesium deficient. The refined/processed foods we eat don’t contain any minerals, vitamins, and fiber. In fact, these foods are anti-nutrient foods because they steal magnesium in order to be metabolized.

Also, the soil is depleted of magnesium because of the pesticides that are sprayed on all plants. Pesticides kill the beneficial bacteria/fungi that are necessary for the plants to convert the soil nutrients into plant nutrients which can be usable by humans.

The Best Ways To Get Magnesium!

1. Eat magnesium-rich foods grown on organic soil.

2. Take ionic magnesium drops.

3. Apply magnesium oil to your skin!

4. Soak in Epsom salt baths (besides magnesium, this will also provide you with sulfur for your liver).