Dilute 3 Drops of Oregano Oil with Water and SEE What Happens to Your Lungs and Airways

Allergies to pet fur or pollen are quite common and allergy sufferers know how irritating it is to have an itchy throat and to be forced to breathe through congested nostrils.  However, congestion is not necessarily linked to a rare or specific allergy and it can happen to anyone. It is so because the air is filled with different pollutants that we inhale on a daily basis. The good news is that there is a natural remedy to this congestion and it is very likely that you already have it in your pantry.


Histamine is a natural substance produced by the body and is also present in many foods. It is released by the body during times of allergy. While you may think that allergens affect people who have allergies to things like pet fur, pollen, or peanuts, there are allergens that cause histamine reactions in most people. Among them are chemicals from cleaning products, dust, mold and cigarette smoke.

When you inhale an allergen the immune system releases histamine in the cells located in the lungs and nose. It attaches to the receptors of blood vessels and causes them to enlarge and dilate. It also attaches to receptors located in the tissue of the nose, which in turn causes itching, redness, and swelling.


In response to these histamine reactions, people usually reach for medications to get relief.  Although there are various medications available, to steroids to allergy shots, antihistamines are one of the most commonly used. They reduce or entirely block the release of histamine which in turn stops the allergic reaction.

On the other hand, while antihistamines help you eliminate allergenic symptoms, they often provide a new set of side effects. Among them are:

-          Restlessness or moodiness (in some children)
-          Trouble urinating or not being able to urinate
-          Blurred vision
-          Confusion
-          Dry mouth
-          Drowsiness
-          Dizziness
-          Nausea and vomiting

The good news is that there is natural antihistamine which doesn’t cause side effects while helping you cope with your allergy effectively. Check it out!


Oregano oil is known for its beneficial nutrients, but few people know that it has the ability to cleanse the respiratory system as well. It is abundant in natural decongestants, including carvacrol, flavonoids, and terpenes as well as in rosmarinic acid which is beneficial for treating allergenic reactions. A study done on rosmarinic acid`s ability to inhibit allergic irritation found that it effectively reduces the accumulation of fluid and swelling during an allergy attack.


-          Hold a sip of water into your mouth and tilt your head back by with your mouth open

-          Squeeze 2-3 drops of the oregano oil in the water and swallow

-          Don’t do this more than three times weekly since oregano has very potent antibacterial properties which destroy both good and bad bacteria

Source: http://theheartysoul.com/oregano-for-lung-cleanse/

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