Mark Schazker is the author of The Dorito Effect, a book which deals with the analysis of the link between our brains, flavor, and nutrition. According to best-selling author Mark Schazker, artificial flavors trick our brains into not wanting to eat healthy food.  In fact, he believes that artificial flavors are the reason behind many health issues of the modern age, including obesity.

“Evolution did not program us to get fat — we’ve simply tricked ourselves into craving the wrong foods,” Schatzker says on his website.

He believes that the artificial flavors which are widely used in snack foods have actually dulled our body`s hunger response to nutritional food. Consequently, this led to craving synthetic flavors, even though humans used to desire the flavor of foods theyneeded to survive, such as fruits, vegetables, and meat.

“Synthetic flavors in foods have heightened their desirability at the very same time that whole foods are losing flavor,” he said. “Tomatoes, chicken, strawberries — everything we grow is bigger and cheaper, but blander than ever.”

According to Schatzker, the consumption of artificially flavored foods is a response to our body`s desire for nutritious foods with similar flavors, but no nutrition.

“Now that we’ve broken that connection between flavor and nutrition by creating synthetic flavors, we have created foods that tell a thrilling but deceptive nutritional lie,” he explained.

Schatzker shares his own experience with artificial flavors and talks about the things he does to improve his body`s link between nutrition and flavor.

“I stopped putting sugar in my coffee,” he said. “Not because I was trying to cut back on sugar but because I felt like it was getting in the way of tasting the coffee. It’s like I’ve rewired my palate,” he adds.

According to Schzker, to restore your body`s ability to crave a nutritious food you need to cut down on flavor additives and avoid highly synthetic flavors.



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