Diabetes is one of the most prevalent issues of the modern age, affecting roughly 29.1 million Americans. The worst part is that most people thing that they are well-familiar with everything in regard to the disease, which of course, is far from the truth. For instance, it is a well-known fact that it is a condition that affects blood sugar and that diet is crucial for proper management.  Knowing the symptoms, such as blurry vision, inability to heal injuries, and excessive thirst, is also considered as common knowledge.  But, it turns out that there are many things you need to learn about!!!

There are symptoms which you may not be familiar with and if you are not, you could fail to notice the signs indicating that you are at risk for diabetes.

Diabetes has a huge impact on your quality of life and you will have to adopt a new lifestyle in order to keep it in line. However, recognizing the following surprising symptoms can help you avoid diabetes and all the complications that come with it.


1.      You`re Nonstop Itchy

Given the fact that diabetes affects blood circulation, it is very likely to experience dry, itchy skin.  In case creams and moisturizers don’t help, consult your doctor and get your sugar levels checked.

2.      Your Skin is Changing, for the Worse

As we grow older, the skin ages too, which is the reason why crow`s feet and wrinkles are an aging issue.  However, changes like dark patches on the skin, especially on the elbows, knuckles and back of the neck, can be a sign of diabetes.

The cause of these changes is a condition called acanthosis nigrican and high blood sugar is associated with the growth of skin cells and melanin.

Losing weight or treating the area with a topical ointment prescribed by your dermatologist can resolve these issues.

3.      Your Hearing is Changing

Even though aging is usually the cause for these changes, diabetes can also affect your hearing.  According to a study done by the National Institutes of Health, hearing loss can be caused by pre-diabetes.  The condition known as pre-diabetes is characterized by sugar levels which are higher than normal but below what would be considered diabetic, and it is the linked to 30% increase in hearing loss.

Researchers believe that diabetes damages blood vessels and nerves in the ear, which in turn causes poor hearing.  Therefore, instead of raising the volume on the TV, consider getting your blood sugar levels tested.

4.      Your Vision has Slightly Improved

In case your prescription is getting stronger over the years, then you are forced to take off the glasses to read, it is very likely that you are having high blood sugar levels.

Even though diabetes is often linked to poorer vision, vision can improve in some instances. This happens as a result of the change in fluid levels in the eyes that diabetes causes.  In brief, any change to your vision, regardless of whether it is good or bad, should be reported.

Sometimes when a disease is so prevalent people believe that they are familiar with everything in regard to it. However, health conditions are not that black and white and the disease can manifest itself with uncommon ways.

In case you notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, it is important to have your blood sugar levels checked. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is an immediate diagnosis of diabetes, it is very likely that the condition is on the way.

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