The ginger water is one of the healthiest weight loss recipes that will melt your excess fat and improve your overall health due to the many nutrients it has.


Cut a fresh ginger root in slices. Add the slices to 1-1.5l water and heat. When the mixture boils, lower the heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Leave it to cool off and strain.
We recommended you to drink at least 1l daily for at least 6 months if you want to achieve complete body detoxification. Also, it’s best to drink freshly prepared ginger water.

The benefits of Ginger water

Strong anti-inflammatory effects

The Journal of Medicinal Food Ginger has published an article which claims that ginger reduces inflammation as well as rheumatic and arthritic pain and joint swelling.

Ginger-infused water is a powerful antioxidant

Due to its content, ginger is also a strong anti-oxidant. In other words, it can fight free radicals, which can harm healthy cells and cause cancer after some period, and repair the body from the damage they caused.

Ginger-infused water prevents cancer

„Due to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, ginger-infused water is good for cancer prevention“,  says the study published by the British Journal of Nutrition,

Ginger water regulates the cholesterol levels

Ginger has the ability to reduce the cholesterol levels. We all know that cholesterol is linked with obesity, heart diseases and some types of cancers. The ginger water lowers the cholesterol levels by reducing the hepatic cholesterol and the serum levels. In addition, ginger water can lower high blood pressure.