Aging is natural process and even though we can prevent it, we can do certain things which can slow it down. If you want to have beautiful and young-looking skin regardless of your age, it is crucial to pay attention to the foods you consume.

  1. Cheese

White and healthy teeth beautify your smile, but they also help you “erase” few years off your face. Cheese and other dairy products are rich in calcium, mineral that protects and strengthens the teeth. This mineral is known to stimulate the production of bile as well, which contains substances that prevent the multiplying of bacteria and forming of cavities.

  1. Oats

This product is rich in amino acids and vitamin E, nutrient that nourishes the skin. Oats are ideal choice for breakfast. They soothe the consequences of excessive exposure to sun and neutralize the damage caused by free radicals.

  1. Grapefruit

This fruit is abundant in vitamin C and it is your best ally in keeping beautiful and young. This vitamin stimulates the production of collagen, part of the human tissue which is extremely important for the skin elasticity.

  1. Walnut

This nut it extremely rich in omega-3 fatty acids which prevent the decomposition of collagen. Dry hair and cracking nails are one of the main symptoms of deficiency in this acid in the body.

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