If you Follow This Advice You Will Never Get Colon Cancer

Ask yourself: Am I active?  Do I care about my weight? Should I stop smoking cigarettes?  Do I eat healthy food? – Everyone must bear in mind that the lifestyle can be a major cause for getting a colon cancer.

Age and genetics are inevitable risk factors, but there are lots of other influential factors for your health, such as poor nutrition, smoking, obesity, physical inactivity. And you need to take them under control, as soon as possible.

It has been estimated that a healthy diet prevents colon cancer in 70 to 90 percent of cases.

If you follow this list of nutrition advice, you can protect yourself from getting a colon cancer.

1. Avoid steaks and sausages.

You must avoid processed meats, cold meats, large amounts of red meat prepared in deep fat. This means that you need to forget about bacon, sausages and hot-dogs. You should consume a maximum of half a kilogram of red meat per week.

2. Choose only healthy fat.

All fats, such as the unsaturated fats, are not prohibited. Polyunsaturated fats too, can help with the regulation of cholesterol levels, and will improve the health of cells. However, you must always avoid saturated fats. These fats (usually found in the animal meat, red meat and butter) are closely associated with increased risk of colon cancer, while omega-3 fats and consuming of fish, will reduce the risk by 12 percent.

3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

If you want to prevent colon cancer, you must eat more than one apple per day. A diet rich with fruits and vegetables, can reduce the risk of this cancer by 25 percent. Foods that are rich in colors are great, because each color carries with it a certain vitamins and various antioxidants, which are very helpful in maintaining the health of cells.

4. Make sure that your plate is often full with yellow and orange foods.

A daily diet that reduces the risk of colon cancer should be abundant, figuratively speaking, with yellow and orange foods. Studies show that foods containing high levels of beta-carotene will reduce the risk of cancer. Therefore, you need to consume a lot of carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin.

5. Foods rich with fiber will improve the overall health.

High-fiber foods will definitely make your diet better, although that is not the only option in the fight against colorectal cancer. Brown rice, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans are very good for your health. Studies dealing with the total consumption of calories per meal, show that people who eat a salad or an apple before meals tend to eat less of the main course, which certainly will reduce the risk of obesity caused by overeating.

6. Set a limit in drinking alcoholic beverages.

To drink an alcoholic beverage from time to time is not a terrible thing, but exaggeration is one of the main risk factors for getting a colon cancer. Men should limit themselves to two glasses of alcoholic drinks per day, but     women’s limit should be only one glass daily.

7. Carefully prepare the food.

It is important to avoid cooking methods that increase the risk of developing colon cancer. Crispy, especially broiled meats contain carcinogens, and they must be out of your personal menu. But if you choose to grill anyway, you must avoid pieces that are char or black.

Additionally, if you are reheating food in a microwave oven, do not do it while groceries are into a plastic container, because it may release carcinogenic substances, which would go straight to what you eat.

Source: https://siteman.wustl.edu/prevention/take-proactive-control/8-ways-to-prevent-colon-cancer/

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