You might have been in a routine to know the best workout for your body.

The main aim is to lose up those extra fatty molecules, getting accumulated in certain parts of your body.

Now, depending on the body shape you harp on, the exercising routines are likely to differ. Ensure to know the body shape first, and opt for the perfect exercising routine, solely meant for your body.

1. Pear or spoon-shaped body:

Pear shaped body is mainly defining slim abs and arms with the full bodied bottom. This shape comprises of wider thighs and hips, with narrower towards shoulder length and wider bottom with a small bust.

Best exercises:

  • For making your heart pump well, opt for jumping rope or jacks technique
  • Try and opt for brisk walking with no incline
  • Avail pushups with three different sects of 10, which helps in adding definition and shape to your pecs and arms

Best sports:

Play soccer or inline skating for half hour. These examples are used for making your hip and thigh muscles strong, without adding any bulk.

Fashionable gear:

Opt for body-hugging tees and shorts for showing the etched upper body.

2. Apple or cone body:

This shape is mainly used for defining broader shoulder and slender legs. It is completely opposite to spoon body shape.

Best exercises:

  • Spinning exercise, lasting for 30 to 40 minutes. Avail squats and lunges with weight. Try to do 3 sets of 10 for strengthening lower half.
  • Try your hands for reps with lower weight about 4 pounds, for ripping your shoulders, back and arms.
  • Some other options are jumping ropes, stationary biking, and slowly inclined walking

Best sports routine:

Racquet and tennis sports, which need to be played for complete 30 minutes and gold without a cart.

Fashionable gear:

For your legs, you can opt for shorts, followed by a shirt or sweatshirt.


3. Athletic or ruler body:

It is proportioned and bit boyish for a pooch belly.

Best exercise:

  • Look for long distance running, which will make your frame lean with 30 minutes of walk
  • Sit ups for strengthening your abs, with four sets of 20
  • Other options are jumping ropes, stationary bikes, elliptical machine and stepping.

Advised sports:

  • Basketball and volleyball for engaging your complete body. It needs to be played for 30 long minutes with stretching.
  • Opt for rollerblading and long distance swimming

Fashionable gear:

Loose tanks might help with capri yoga pants for your legs and arms.

4. Hourglass body

Hips and chests are proportional and curvy with a narrow waist.

Best exercises:

  • Jumping rope is best for all over exercise. Start off with 50 rotations and land up to 300 rounds.
  • Go for stationary bike for good exercise for 30 minutes
  • Some other workouts are fast walking with no incline and stationary bike with lower resistance

Best sports advised here:

Opt for long distance crawl stroke swimming, with dancing and snowboarding for half hour for full body workout. It helps in building endurance.

Fashionable gear:

A sports bra is available with stylish décor to show the midriff.