Pros of Night Workout

  1. At night, calories continue to burn and after the training, our muscles need at least 12 hours to recover the lost energy. You should make a moderate physical activity, because it is a good way to speed up the metabolism. Therefore, it is important to forget the weights, and don’t do sharply acceleration too.
  2. In the evening after a workout, you can afford yourself, a piece of cake, because the body will burn the excess calories, without any consequences for the figure.

Cons of Night Workout

  1. Tired after work, there is no strength, time and desire for a workout. It is something familiar, isn’t it? This is basicly a psychological problem. Most of us are not so tired. The problem is that there is not enough motivation to do something active at night. Practice shows that 15 minutes of fitness is sufficient, and almost everyone has enough strength do it!
  2. In the evening after a workout, everyone is very hungry. Too long or too intense exercise stimulates the appetite, but on the other side moderate workout, lowers it. Change the jogging for a walk, or aerobics for a cycling. Keep the beat, let it be by 10-15% lower then the usual workout that made you empty the refrigerator. Or shorten the session for a third. If you are hungry after the reduced training, you won’t eat too much.
  3. After the evening training, it is difficult to fall asleep. Usually, the reason is the intense activity. It is probably because the nervous system, slowly decelerates the processe that occur. But this can be solved, if you choose more relaxing, peaceful sports such as yoga, pilates or tai chi.