Cabbage leaves are very beneficial for the treatment of many different conditions such as:

Swellings caused by traumas:

If you have hit your hand or leg and the place has begun to swell, you should wrap the area with fresh cabbage leaves. Tighten the leaves with a bandage. You can also do the same if you have troubles with your ankles or if you have problems with swollen legs. In order to get the best possible results from this treatment, you should sleep with the compress.

Thyroid gland:

The thyroid gland is very important because its hormones aid growth, metabolism functioning, and the functioning of the organs of the digestive system. Put cabbage leaves on the neck where the gland is located and cover the leaves with a bandage. Sleep with the compress and remove it in the morning. Repeat this procedure every day for a few weeks and the normal functioning of your thyroid gland will be restored.


Place a compress of fresh cabbage leaves onto the temples and onto the upper part of the head and put a cap in order to keep the leaves in place.

Pain due to breastfeeding:

The women who feel pain due to breastfeeding should put compress from fresh cabbage leaves onto the breasts. It is recommended to repeat the procedure twice a day (during the day and at night) in a period of one week.


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