Feeling occasional pain is an inevitable part of the process of aging. In fact, as we age our bodies and muscles weaken and become susceptible to developing strains and aches.  For instance, the veins lose elasticity and tend to stretch. The valves in the veins weaken as well, which in turn cause the blood to flow away from the heart instead of towards it. Consequently, blood accumulates in some body part ( usually the legs) and causes our veins to become twisted and extra large. This condition is known as varicose veins.

The good news is that there are some ingredients which have the ability to treat viruses and relieve pain. For instance, yarrow can be used to relieve fever and help get over cold and flu. Moreover, this herb can be used to reduce swelling or alleviate pain the lower pelvis, such as cramps.

St. John`s wart is yet another plant used for medicinal purposes, especially for treating depression, bone disease, ADHD and brain tumors. This weed can be also used for pain relief, particularly after surgery.

Then, we have the calendula which works as an effective painkiller as well. It helps prevent muscle spasms, treat varicose veins and reduce pain and inflammation.

Liniment for Varicose Veins, Muscle Pains & Strains


-          1 part yarrow
-          1 part St. John`s wort
-          1 part calendula flowers
-          Witch hazel or rubbing alcohol
-          ¼ part cayenne or ginger

Note: Even though the recipe is given in parts, precision doesn’t matter. Feel free to add a more or less of the ingredients, to your preference.


-          Put the yarrow, St.John`s wart and calendula into a glass jar and add cayenne or ginger.

-          Pour the witch hazel or rubbing alcohol so that the herbs are submerged. Let the mixture sit for about three weeks.

-          Once the hazel or rubbing alcohol has been infused with the herbs, strain the liquid and transfer to another bottle.


Rub this 5-ingredient mixture onto varicose veins, strains, or areas affected by aches and muscle pains. Use it twice daily and make sure you rub it towards the heart so that it improves circulation and tightens and tones varicose veins.

Source: http://familylifegoals.com/5-ingredient-mixture-remove-varicose-veins-muscle-pain/?t=ths