Massage has been practiced for thousands of years and many people consider it as ultimately luxurious experience.  Luckily, this luxurious experience is no longer available only through luxury spas and upscale health club, but it can be performed at home as well.

Massaging provides numerous health benefits, such as improving circulation and increasing the efficiency of the lymph system, which carries metabolic toxins out of the body.  Regular massage prevents some of the symptoms of aging, such as shuffling gait and hunched shoulders.

According to the Mayo Clinic, massage can be beneficial for many health issues that may not respond to conventional treatment. People with arthritis are highly recommended to obtain massage to relief the pain and stiffness of this disease.

Foot reflexology is a specialized area of massage offers some of the benefits as a full body massage. Its advantage is that it doesn’t require any specialized equipment.

Given the fact that the soles of the feet contain nerve endings for every area of the body, a foot massage can alleviate many symptoms.


-  Easing of aches and pains
-  Improved joint function
-  More efficient muscular function
-  Reduced blood pressure
-  Relaxation
-  Rejuvenation
-  Reduction of edema, also known as swelling
-  Increased circulation
-  Improved sleep

It has been scientifically shown that a brief foot massage, 5-10 minutes for each foot, done before bedtime improves sleep quality and reduces insomnia. The good news is that you don’t need to worry about getting oil on your sheets, as reflexology, unlike traditional massage, doesn’t require a use of oil. Still, the massage oil can be used in reflexology and essential oils can be mixed with it.

Bonus Video: How To Do a Self Foot Massage: