Science proves salt lamps help people with anxiety. Here’s how

Science proves salt lamps help people with anxiety. Here’s how

If you`ve never used a Himalayan salt lamp before, you really have no idea what you`re missing. In such a stressful and complicated world, owning this natural item makes a significant impact on society.

Everything that surrounds us emits ions, both positive and negative. Have you ever noticed how spending time outdoors boosts energy and makes you feel more youthful? The reason for this is the fact that there are no positive ions, which are released by devices like laptops, televisions, and cellphones. These ions have been found to cause various imbalances in the system, and excessive concentrations may lead to anxiety.

At this point, the Himalayan salt lamp steps in as the ideal way to lower your anxiety levels and improve your health.  Wonder how this simple mineral works? Read on!

1. It Fights Off Positive Ions

Himalayan salt lamp releases vast amounts of negative ions, which helps fight off the continuous attack of positive ions around us. The bigger the lamp, the more positive ions it releases. Hence, you should either choose large one or a few small ones, evenly placed around the house.

2. It Gives You Energy

According to WebMD, the lamp`s negative ions improve the oxygen flow to the brain, which boosts energy levels, fights off lethargy, and makes you more responsive to your surroundings.  Have you ever noticed how spending time at the beach or camping feels energizing?  It`s no wonder that these activities give vigor, as they expose us to an increased amount of negative ions like the ones emitted by Himalayan salt lamp.

3. It Helps You Sleep

Bedroom is the best place to keep a Himalayan salt lamp. Its wide range of health benefits will help you sleep better and wake up healthy, energized, and rejuvenated.  On the other hand, the constant exposure to negative ions makes you sluggish and lethargic.  To improve the quality of your sleep, keep one or two lamps around the bedroom.

4. It Purifies the Air

In addition to clearing the air for positive ions, the negative ones also nullify radioactive waves released by electrical devices, which in turn protects from toxic chemicals and all kinds of bacteria floating around.

As the lamp itself warms up from the heat induced by the light bulb within, the water molecules obtained from the environment evaporate back into the air, while the particles of smoke, pollen, or dust remain trapped in the salt.

5. It Fights Diseases

The ocean of electromagnetic radiation, also known as “electric smog” comes from devices like computer, cell phone, tablet, television, stereo, etc.  This radiation is known to cause cancer, cause chronic fatigue, reduce body`s immune response, and increase stress levels.

By emitting negative ions, Himalayan lamp neutralizes electromagnetic radiation, thus helps lower high blood pressure, lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes, and fight off diseases.

6. It Makes You Healthier

Apart from countering positive ions, negative ones also make you healthier.  Himalayan salt is packed with staggering 84 minerals needed by the body. With such an exceptional nutritional profile, it helps balance water content in the body, regulate pH levels, and even strengthen the bones.

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