The rice you eat is worse than sugary drinks and junk food

The rice you eat is worse than sugary drinks and junk food

Have you heard of China`s Wuchang rice? You probably have, as this rice is the popular and the best known worldwide. Due to its unique taste and fragrant smell, it costs a lot more for its quality, according to Blue Ocean Network (BON) TV report, a popular English Channel in China.

As the demand for this rice is constantly on the rise, certain companies began to exploit the change and produce fake rice which is later sold for the same high price.

It is believed that China has been producing fake rice for at least 4 years, re-creating the popular brand using sweet potatoes, potatoes, and plastic.  It looks the same as the real “Wuchang rice in size and shape, with the added plastic which is extremely detrimental to your health.  Unfortunately, most consumers are still unaware of what they are getting.

Fake “Wuchang rice”

An undercover journalist discovered that Chinese companies tend to mix a small amount of the real deal with plastic rice when producing the fake rice. Then, they spray with a fragrance in order to “copy” the original. It was reported that 800,000 tons of real Wuchang rice is produced every year, yet 10 million tons of Wuchang rice is sold.  This means that over 9 million tons of the rice being sold is fake. As mentioned in the very beginning, companies are successfully selling this product for at least 4 years and they have started distributing it to other countries as well, including Singapore, Vietnam, and India.

Currently, the National Food Authority of the Republic of the Philippines is investigating the reports of plastic race and is using a spectroscopy device to detect the rice, that may cause serious health problems.

Dangers of Consuming Plastic

It is believed that eating only three bowls of this fake Wuchang rice is the same as eating an entire plastic bag. Naturally, this causes serious and sometimes even fatal digestive problems, particularly if consumed on a regular basis.

As a matter of fact, most people in China eat half a pound of rice daily. So, selling this rice turns out to be an extremely profitable business.

Mounting evidence shows serious health risks linked to bisphenol A and phthalates, both of which are found in plastics. Bisphenol A is known to disrupt hormones, especially estrogen. It has been associated with effects on reproductive development in a few animal studies.

On the other hand, phthalates are “plasticizers” which are often found in many different products, despite the fact that they have been banned in the European Countries a decade ago.  They can also disrupt hormones, especially testosterone.

Due to the contamination of food products packaged in plastic containers, most people have certain amount of both bisphenol A and phthalates in their bodies. But, eating plastic rice causes an enormous increase in the levels of these chemicals.

While there haven’t been any reports of plastic rice in the U.S, the fact that distributors started selling it outside China raises many eyebrows. So, countries need to be extremely careful regarding the foods they import.

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