To cross your legs at the knee while sitting is something that is very common for many of us. However, you might have second thoughts when you want to sit cross-legged again, as recent research shows that crossing of the legs can be harmful.

The BBC has reported that crossing your legs can put pressure on the leg’s peroneal nerve at the back of the knee. This can temporarily impair the sensation in the lower legs and feet.


Also, according to a Korean study, sitting cross-legged on the floor is even worse. Sitting cross-legged on the floor for hours can cause peroneal nerve palsy, which leads to “foot drop,” where the front part of the foot and toes cannot be moved.

Vivian Eisenstadt, an orthopedic physical therapist, claims that it can also increase neck and back pain because it puts the hips in a torqued position which causes the rotation of a pelvic bone.

Sitting cross-legged can also increase the blood pressure. This can cause damage to your heart due to the blood that has to be pumped against gravity up to your heart.

That’s why we invite you to watch this video in order to find out how to sit properly.